EP Review: "Pretty Girls" - The Wild Young Hearts

Hey guys,
a little while ago I interviewed Robert from The Wild Young Hearts, a quality rock band from Los Angeles (US).

Today I'd like to review their EP "Pretty Girls".

An extended player that is filled with wonderful, almost a bit vintage sounding, rock music.

Note: The Wild Young Hearts used to be called Streetcar Rendezvous!

What We Know Is Wrong (ft. Real J. Wallace):
What a tune! Great rebellious lyrics meet a massive melody that will get stuck in your brain.
The heartfelt vocals reflect the honesty of the lyrics and could not be more passionate.
Another highlight of the song is Real J. Wallace's rap appearance which I'm currently learning the words to.

Oh Caroline, oh you mighty fine looking Caroline, thanks for causing this track.
We're enjoying this mighty fine rock song.
Voice and instrumental work so well together.

Biggest surprise of the EP. Why? Because it's piano based. 
31 seconds of great piano instrumental!

There Goes My Baby:
A rather short song with repeated lyrics. But it's rock'n'roll.
And it gets you moving, oh it gets you moving.

I decided to just review the first four tracks for you so you definitely need to listen to the rest to get your opinion. Please do so and let me know what you think!

To sum it up: the guys created great songs! The unique 60ties sound, the handmade music and passion - it just works. 

Listen to it now:

Link rendezvous:

I hope you enjoyed, dear people!


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