EP Review: "Seven Years" - Nina Yasmineh

Hey guys,
it's all about the reviews I guess.

Most artists who contact me would like me to review their music. I think that just shows how at the end of the day feedback is what helps you grow.

Nina Yasmineh is a singer-songwriter from New York City (US).
She plays indie pop with a touch of electronic.

Her self-produced EP "Seven Years" has received nothing but great reviews.
And I'll gladly join this club of reviewers today.

Nina's sound is influenced by artists like Florence Welsh and Mikky Ekko.
You can hear that while listening to her EP but she still has her very own sound.

"Name" starts off with a single drum beat and vocals. The soon added piano chords help the song to grow more interesting second by second.
It's obvious that Nina's voice has a lot of influence when it comes to the atmosphere of each track. 
"Hurricane Drops" got the biggest potential to get stuck in your head for days. And if I say days, I mean days.

The EP is brilliant in my opinion, the instruments and vocals work together so well. Nothing is missing but nothing is too much.

Note: You can download each track for free! Enjoy! : )

Here are Nina's social media links:

I hope you enjoyed listening to this great musician!


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