Day 26: Best Of Performances | #HITSBC17

Hey guys!

So, as I've already mentioned yesterday, we are through with all performances of our Birthday Countdown this year.

This month we have seen 25 fantastic performances and I am super proud of the entire lineup.

After hosting multiple countdowns before, of course my expectations were very high. I picked those acts with a lot of thought and it really wasn't the easiest task.

There were a few points I wanted to make and, just in case they haven't been that clear, I wanted to list them for you below:

- equality: I wanted more ladies involved. Yes, feminism is something we need to discuss in the music industry. It's not that we need more ladies involved (even though that would be great), it's just that we need to give them the power they deserve. And that's why I made sure to invite as many ladies as possible.

- variety: It happens to all of us; we get so comfortable listening to the genres we know we love, that we forget to broaden our horizons by listening to something else. And that's why I made sure to find a few more artists whose sound we might not be familiar with.

- new faces: It would've been easy to just ask all the artists who have been involved before, to play for us again. But I was determined to find and invite acts we haven't seen before on house in the sand. In the end we've had a great mix of new faces and old friends.

- old friends: I feel like this is what HITS secretly stands for. Some of the artists featured have been with us for five years, others joined us along the way. However, I am so happy that I get to work with people I adore artistically and personally, that's definitely a massive bonus.

I think we've all done a brilliant job and deserve a little bit more attention.

So, today I'm super excited to share this little "Best Of" video with you, which includes short snippets of all videos we got to see.
You can either use it to catch up on the videos or to refreshen your memory in case you missed checking out any of the acts.

Please enjoy our Best Of Performances for HITSBC17!

You can find all performances in full length below, just click the photo of your choice!

And that's it for day 26!
Remember, we still have two more videos coming up, so make sure to come back for those!

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text, Image & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske


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