Day 22: Shoot The Rabbit | #HITSBC17

Hey guys!

So, the main goal of this countdown was to introduce you to a bunch of new artists and bands in a personal setting.
Of course we wanted to celebrate our fifth birthday, but in a way that would allow everyone to benefit from it.

With the lineup being a mixture of familiar and new faces, I am convinced that you have the chance to find at least one new favourite.
(Probably more though.)

Things are slowly but surely coming to an end, but we still have a few gems ready to be discovered by you,
so check this out!

What is #HITSBC17?
HITSBC17 stands for house in the sand's Birthday Countdown 2017.
Throughout the entire month of February, we are going to celebrate house in the sand's fifth birthday.
(Because why celebrate on one day, if you can celebrate for an entire month, right?)
With the support from some of the finest artists and bands around, each day in February will be filled with an exclusive performance just for us.

Who is performing today?
Shoot The Rabbit.
They are a four piece band from North Wales, UK. Their sound is best described as indie rock with alternative elements.

The band got together in 2008 and has been making music ever since. Their EPs "Sticky", "Scribble" and "Heavy Eyelids" got them a loyal fanbase, a lot of positive reviews and comparisons to bands such as Radiohead and The Cure.

Shoot The Rabbit are:
David Bullough (vocals, guitar)
Adam Taylor (guitar)
Matt Norton (bass)
Rhodri Davies (drums)

What needs to be said about this performance?
It's their return! Things have been a bit quiet for the band in the past few months, but they are back and are treating us with a new song.
Not only is it a fabulous track, but it's also a super entertaining video recorded in the ever so funny Rabbit manner. You're gonna love it!

Alright, go ahead and check out Shoot The Rabbit performing their new song "Allergies" for us.

Where can we find Shoot The Rabbit online?
Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Who deserves a thank you?
The rabbits deserve a mega thank you for joining our countdown again and for being overall fabulous! It's just so cool to have you guys as a part of the HITS gang. (which is something I just made)

What can we do now?
If you enjoyed this video and post, please help us reach more people.
Share it online along with the hashtag #HITSBC17.
We would love to hear what you think, so please feel free to comment.

And that's a wrap for day 22!
We've only got a few more days left, but make sure you come back to check them out.

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Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Shoot The Rabbit | Video: Shoot The Rabbit for house in the sand


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