Day 8: Panic Tree | #HITSBC17

Hey guys!

One thing I really want to achieve with this countdown, is to offer you a variety of genres and outfits.
For this year's lineup I've picked singer/songwriters, bands and duos.
I wanted a good balance of men and women on board and I think that variety is starting to become obvious.

house in the sand is all about variety and equality and therefore we would like all our readers to be like that too.
Check out genres you might not be familiar with and give every artist the chance to be your next favourite.

That said - let's find some new music today, shall we?

What is #HITSBC17?
HITSBC17 stands for house in the sand's Birthday Countdown 2017.
Throughout the entire month of February, we are going to celebrate house in the sand's fifth birthday.
(Because why celebrate on one day, if you can celebrate for an entire month, right?)
With the support from some of the finest artists and bands around, each day in February will be filled with an exclusive performance just for us.

Who is performing today?
Panic Tree.
They are an Alternative/Electronic-Pop duo based in Berlin, Germany.

With A. Seiffert on guitar, keys and vocals and T.H. Krohn on guitar and vocals - the duo has easily created their signature sound; dark male vocals meet light female vocals and strong beats unite with delicate synths.

Formed in 2012, the duo released their first EP within their first 12 months of working together.
In 2015, Panic Tree released their debut album "Hyena".

What needs to be said about this performance?
The song hasn't been released yet which makes things even more exciting, right?
Panic Tree are giving us a taster of their next album and are showcasing their fantastic signature sound.
I say let's pour ourselves a drink and enjoy this!

Ladies and lads - please give it up for Panic Tree performing their song "Blackbird Sitting" for us.

Where can we find Panic Tree online?
Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Who deserves a thank you?
The wonderful Anja for being so great to work with!
And of course to Anja and Timo for recording the video for us. It's absolutely fantastic to have them celebrate with us.

What can we do now?
If you enjoyed this video and post, please help us reach more people.
Share it online along with the hashtag #HITSBC17.
We would love to hear what you think, so please feel free to comment.

And that's a wrap for day 8!
I'm so excited for you to see the rest of the videos and cannot wait to hear from you.

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Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Panic Tree | Video: Panic Tree for house in the sand


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