Spotlight On: The Bedroom Hour

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Hey guys,
I'm finally writing a "Spotlight On:" post again and I couldn't be more excited. Today's band is from my favourite city and talented as hell. 
So without further due, let me put the spotlight on:

The Bedroom Hour - a five piece alternative band from West London.

The band consists of:

- Stu Drummond (lead vocals)
- Mark Dudley (keyboard)
- Dan Rider (bass, backing vocals)
- Rob Payne (guitar, backing vocals)
- Lewis Cosham (drums)

Stu, Rob and Mark started the band a few years ago to let their creativity and passion for music go their ways. 
After getting to know each other better and working together for a while they figured that the band could have a bright future.

A few bassists and drummers had to come and go to find Dan and Lewis and now they're complete.

I suggest listening to those songs, right now.

My personal favourite song: 

UK readers, you're lucky: The Bedroom Hour is heading out for some gigs soon.
(tour dates - here)

I don't exactly know what it is that makes their sound so special and unique, but I definitely like it loads. Keep an eye on these guys, they'll be taking huge steps soon.

There are quite a lot of albums and EPs I'm looking forward to, "Themes" by The Bedroom Hour is definitely one of them.
(EP will be released 17th May, pre-order it here)

Link time:

I hope you enjoyed and found a new band to listen to! :) 

Vanessa x

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