Personal Art Giveaway [world wide] CLOSED

Hey guys,
I am so excited about this post.

As you can tell by the title it's a giveaway
When you've been blogging for a while and things get bigger there are some companies sponsoring giveaways every now and then. Of course that's an honour, it really is!
But if some collaboration doesn't feel that right and you doubt it's future then it would be senseless to jump in it. At least I think so.
Getting something for free is great - but I need to stand behind it 100% or I won't do it.

This giveaway is something I am in love with and I am proud to give away. It is not worth that much money. But it is personal and comes with a lot of thought and love.

So this is a music blog written by a girl that loves music and photography. And this giveaway kind of represents me:

I am giving away print outs of pictures taken by this blog's number one supporter and my favourite musician - Jim Kroft.

(I got the prints out during the "Lunatic Lullabies" tour.)

If I had to describe Jim in three words I would use strong, inspiring and artistic.
Not only is he one hell of a musician but a super talented photographer. 

Besides the print outs the giveaway includes an autograph with a special message on it, some pictures I have taken and a little surprise. Of course I will write you a little letter, too.

Most people probably want to win something expensive or something super trendy but that's just not what I want to give away - I want to share art with you. 

So if YOU would like to win this personal thank you, then here's what I would love you to do:

- tell me which of the blogpost I've ever written is your favourite (use the post archive for help)
- depending on if you're a Twitter or Facebook user - follow me / like my page 
- follow or like Jim Kroft on Twitter or Facebook
- leave a comment underneath this post saying you want to win.

That's it. Of course it would be enough just leaving the comment underneath this post but you know, some followers and likers would be appreciated a lot.

I'm not showing you the pictures because that would just ruin the surprise.

The giveaway starts with this post (which was published on my Mum's birthday) and ends June 7th so I can send it to you on June 10th (my birthday). 
Ships world wide!

Note: if you're younger than 18 please ask your parrents for their permission.

I can't wait to see who wins.

x Vanessa


  1. Heeeey!! I want to win! :P

    Great idea, btw! :) Love ur blog, hun. <3
    xxx, Seija.

    Oh & Happy Birthday to your mom!:)

  2. Me me me :) haha
    Great that you are doing this!
    I dont have a fave post, as told you before i just like reading your enthusiasm.
    Please continue writing!

    1. You're on the list, Sandra!
      Thank you for your comment, made me happy! x

  3. Do I really have to mention ONE favourite post? I basically enjoy all your posts, out of special interest of course especially the ones about Martin and James and Jim Kroft. I don't think you need proof from me that I follow/like you and Jim? GOSH I NEED TO WIN THIS SO BADLY :D And good to know your birthday now. :P

    1. So the Scottish lads are what I should write about more often, I see. :)
      Uhm, yes, proof it - I mean, do you think I believe everyone? Haha, thank you for following!
      Good look! x

  4. Hey.
    I love this giveaway - awesome idea.
    I'm following you and Jim Kroft on twitter (Gravity_Happens) and favorite post... idk, I like the music posts most I think but I can't pick one. :)
    You're doing a good job! :)

    1. Hi Eileen, thank you a lot!
      I recognize you, of course! Means a lot that you like my work. You're on the list! x

  5. Hey,
    great idea!
    I love your posts about Jim Kroft, it's good to hear that there are people who like his musik like I do :) I was in Z├╝rich at his concert and it was so amazing! He make this kind of music that is so honest and "real"! I love that and I'll absolutely want to win! :) I do not have one of the profiles, so I give you my facebook account :)

    1. Hey Nathalie,
      thanks for your comment! Exactly, his music is honest and real - couldn't have said it better. You are now on the list, good luck! x

  6. Hey,
    great giveaway <3
    I like your Jim Kroft posts the most but to chose one of them is really difficult. I follow you and Jim Kroft on Twitter and I also don't have a profile on this blog, so you can reach me on twitter Pflanze_F
    Thanks for your nice blog :D

    1. Hi Franzi,
      thank you a lot! I'm glad you like my Jim posts, they're definitely the ones I put most work into.
      Thanks for following, good luck winning! x


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