The HITS-Readers Playlist

Hey guys,
a little while ago I asked you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to tell me your favourite song.
 I asked you because I wanted to a create another playlist, this time dedicated to you, the best readers in the world!

This playlist is also really special because you all have different tastes in music, different genre preferences and different favourite bands/singers. 

I find it quite interesting to listen to what you listen to daily, so thank you for letting me know!

And here is it, the HITS-readers playlist:
(of course you can listen to each song by clicking the title.)

Lisa: "Mirrors" - Justin Timberlake
Romeo: "Recover" - CHVRCHES
Dylan: "Isn't It a Pity" - George Harrison
Lena: "Revolution" - The Beatles
Kitti: "Run Boy Run" - Woodkid
Dan: "Miranda" - Melanie Safka
Romina: "My Oh My" - Macklemore
Seija: "All The Way" - KOBI
Jana: "If These Sheets Were States" - All Time Low
Eileen: "Just Give Me a Reason" - We Are The In Crowd ft. Alex Goot
Theresa: "Same Love" - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Corina: "Let Her Go" - Passenger
Rachel: "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)" - Josh Groban  
Lisa: "Still Into You" - Paramore
Cat Meat (Band): "Clap Hands" - Tom Wait

A massive thank you to everyone who took part.

Come back for more special playlists soon. ;)

Vanessa x


  1. Really cool post! :)


  2. This is a great way of including your readers - good idea for a post! :-) x

    1. Thanks for that! I hope they had as much fun as I had. :)


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