Cover vs. Original #4

Hey guys,
as some of you may noticed I decided to post a new edition of "Cover vs. Original" every two weeks not every single week.
Why? Simply because there are so many blogposts waiting to go online right now and these posts just held them back.

Last weeks result:
(Song: "We Found Love")
The winner: Ed Sheeran
Again the cover version won. You guys are cover fans, aren't you?

Todays edition:

Song: "All I Have To Do Is Dream"
Originally performed by: Everly Brothers
Covered by: Martin and James

I don't blame you if you don't know this song. I really don't since I know that most of my readers weren't even born in 1958. But if you do know this song you are really cool!
The song couldn't be any sweeter in my opinion. Two guys, two guitars, adorable lyrics.

 Yeah, those of you don't know Martin and James probably didn't read 70% of my blog. Pretty similar to the original version the voices are in the focus. What's different is that James plays the mandolin instead of a guitar. 
They kept it simple and that's what's beautiful about the song.

This is the first edition where the cover and the original are still sounding pretty similar. 
And that's exciting! So vote for your favourite in the comment section or Twitter or in the side bar. 

x Vanessa

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