Album Review: DEMI - Demi Lovato


Hey guys,
I decided to write my very first album review. Honestly I don't think I'm good at this but I have to do it to get better, so please don't be all to harsh with me. ;) (bash me in the comments, haha.)

The album I want to introduce and (kind of) review is "DEMI" by Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato, actress, singer and songwriter, from Texas (US) just released her forth studio album called "DEMI". The album contains 13 songs, the Walmart Deluxe Edition* 14 songs.

1.) Heart Attack
2.) Made In The USA
3.) Without The Love
4.) Neon Lights
5.) Two Pieces
6.) Nightingale
7.) In Case
8.) Really Don't Care (ft. Cher Lloyd)
9.) Fire Starter
10.) Something That We're Not
11.) Never Been Hurt
12.) Shouldn't Come Back
13.) Warrior
*14.) I Hate You, Don't Leave Me

I decided to pick out a handful of songs to review them. So let's started right away:

Track #1 - "Heart Attack": The first single of "DEMI" and honestly - there couldn't have been a better one for that first impression of an album. The long notes and powerful vocals are totally typical for Demi.
The song is all about falling in love but being to afraid to admit it, covering up / not letting your walls down which you built up because things went wrong in a past relationship.

Track #2 - "Made In The USA": A sweet love song wrapped up in happy tunes. The lyrics are all about that one perfect guy whose love you believe in no matter what the other people say.
This song really give me that "music up, windows down - driving through Cali with your hair all messed up from the wind" feeling, if you know what I mean.

Track #7 - "In Case":  We all know that feeling: there's a person we don't really want to let go but we know we should. Still we're secretly hoping they'll come back one day.
This one is a slowed down track. The piano compliments Demi's vocals perfectly and again the final bridge might make you drown in emotions.

Track #8 - "Really Don't Care" (ft. Cher Lloyd): What a fun song about finally throwing that person out of your life that wasn't good for you. My favourite line has to be "if we meet out on the street I won't be running scared, I'll walk right up to you and put on finger in the air" ;)
Guest appearance by Cher Lloyd. 

Track #10 - "Something That We're Not": This one got stuck in my head right after the first listen. Let's just say I fell in love with the guitar which compliments the vocals, the fun backing vocals (the "hey" shouts / "badabadada" choir, etc) immediately.
 I just think this song is perfect for those moments in life where you shouldn't take yourself all too serious and just have fun.


Track #12 - "Shouldn't Come Back": The most intense and emotional song of the album, in my opinion. I can only speculate but I think this song is about Demi's father (hint: "all the birthdays you missed, I was only a kid) and I don't want this to be too personal but I can relate to this song 90% so "Shouldn't Come Back" is my very favourite DEMI song.

Track #13 - "Warrior": three words = the grand finale. I've read a few reviews comparing this one to "Skyscraper" (from Demi's previous album "Unbroken") but I just think "Warrior" is a bit more personal, a bit more optimistic and a bit more grown up. Let's just say it's the next level. 

So that is it. I realized halfway through my "review" that it's more like an introduction.. Whatever. I hope you liked it anyway.

To finish this review / introduction here's my final impression: 
The album being called "DEMI" to me means it should be all about Demi Lovato expressing herself. While listening to those songs I got the feeling that this album is 100% DEMI. 

What's your favourite track? 
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x Vanessa


  1. Loving this review/introduction. ;)
    I enjoyed reading what you think about the songs and which songs you picked out.
    You already know that I love (almost all) her new songs but I still can't tell which one of them is my favorite cause I have several favorites.
    Pre-ordered the new album yesterday... I kinda hate that we have to wait for it to come out until next week. :/
    Anyways I don't think you did such a bad job with writing this review. I really like it so keep it up! ;)

    1. Thank you SO much. You really don't have an idea how much those words mean to me. :) Great to get feedback. :)
      I hate the fact we have to wait so long, too. But "good things come to those who wait" ;) x


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