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Hey guys,
this post is very spontaneous and unplanned so I really hope it's not all to messy.

As it's mothers day tomorrow (at least in Germany) I know that some of you are still looking for a last minute gift for your loved Mum.
(That's why you probably have seen tons of guys stealing flowers today.)

Maybe you're as lucky as I am and your Mum enjoys music as much as you do. 
So let's solve this problem in a mathematical way:

Mum + music love = personalized CD

If you and your Mum often listen to music together or talk about it regularly, you probably know what music she enjoys and to which songs she's having her own little dance party.

Just put all of her favourite songs (buy them legally, please.) on one CD, maybe design a sweet cover or put it in a safe CD skin.

My Mum will definitely put her's in the car so she can listen while being on the road.
I find this a simple but sweet way to show your Mum that you love her. 
Gifts don't have to be expensive, they just have to be well chosen and come from heart.

Let me know if you decided to do this for your Mum.
Also, would you like to know what my Mum listens to? (she's got a great taste in music, must be a family gene.... ;) )

I hope you enjoyed this rather short and unplanned post!

Vanessa x

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