Cover vs. Original #1

Hey guys,

besides the "Get To Know:" section I promised you another new series in my last update post. And guess what? Here it is.

As you can already tell by reading the headline the series is called        
"Cover vs. Original".

Now what is it all about?
Well, we all have done it before. Yesterday, today or maybe last week.
We all have had a jam session to our favourite song, singing the lyrics and dancing around. That means we all have covered a song. 
A song originally written and performed by someone else.

And that's what this series is about - cover and original versions of songs. 
I'll be posting two videos in each post - one is the original song being performed by the artists who wrote the song (or let it write) and one is a cover by another artist. 
(Of course there is more than just one cover of a song online but I will pick out one that caught my attention.)
Comparing and deciding which version you like better is your part of it.

There will be a poll on the sidebar (left side) where you can vote for the cover or the original. The poll will be open until the next round of "Cover vs. Original" is online, which will be exactly one week later. So there'll be a new part each Wednesday!

One more thing before this thing gets started: I really want to mention that the original version of a song is the one and only version because the emotions a singer puts into his song are unique. (well, in most cases) 
But some covers are just really emotional as well because the cover artists might have their own feelings for the song.

Now let's open up round number one.

The song: "I Knew You Were Trouble"
Originally performed by: Taylor Swift
Covered by: Tom Odell

Even if you aren't a "Swiftie", you probably know can sing along to Taylor's catchy "oh - oh, trouble, trouble, trouble" very well. There's just no way to escape from this song. The lyrics about getting your heart broken but knowing it was your fault right from the start got mixed with some more fun pop beats, maybe to even it out.

Tom on the other side takes all the pop sounds out of this song and strips it down to the natural base of lyrics where the songs becomes a lot more serious. While Taylor's version is mostly based on guitar riffs, Tom's version concentrates on the piano.

I really really love this "battle" because the versions are completely different and don't have anything in common besides the lyrics. 

And now it's your time to vote - who is your favourite? Do you stick with Taylor or do you enjoy Tom's version more? 

Hope you enjoyed this first part of the new series on HITS. I can't wait for next week's battle.

Vanessa x

1 comment:

  1. Hey lovely!
    It's a beautiful series and it's worth being proud of it! :)

    Well, since I really love this song it's hard to decide. On the one hand I love the strength Taylor expresses in her song, on the other hand it's amazing that Tom made a completely new version out of this song. Which is quite difficult (for me haha).
    I decided for Tom because his voice is amazing and he puts some more feelings into the song which gives it an easier opening for emotional thinking (does this make sense?!)

    Can't wait for the next series! :)
    Xxx, Seija!


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