"Through My Weakness" - Jim Kroft

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Hey guys,
this is another very spontaneous post for HITS but I feel like the unplanned things in life make it special, so why not go with it?

This time I really want to show you a music video which made it's way to my "top three videos" after watching it for just one time.

The video is by Jim Kroft and it's for the song "Through My Weakness" off of his third studio album "Lunatic Lullabies".

The video tells Jim's story of moving to Berlin using tons of different snippets from his other music videos, video diaries, tour footage and more.

"Through my weakness I became strong, the time for weakness is now gone.
You learn how to love, learn how to give, learn how hope, to heal and twist."

A music video should reflect the story the song is telling and for "Through My Weakness" lyrics and video couldn't fit together any better.

I know a bit of Jim's story and seeing this video made me so incredibly happy and proud of him because this guy went through hell but found a path to walk out of it all by himself.

If you enjoyed this post, come back on Saturday for a concert review.

Find Jim online:

x Vanessa


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    1. Thanks for your comment, I just completely agree! :) x

  2. One of my favorite songs off of "Lunatic Lullabies". ;)
    I guess you will have a lot of fun on Friday but anyway I wish you a lot of it.

    1. It's an incredible song! :)
      Thank you so much! I think it's going to be great. :) x


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