Concert Review: Jim Kroft

Jim Kroft - Alte Seilerei, Mannheim | May 24th 2013

Watching Jim Kroft perform is magical.

Hey guys,
as most of you know I went to the Jim Kroft show in Mannheim yesterday. Of course it's time for the review now.

The second headline tour for JK but the first after releasing his third studio album "Lunatic Lullabies". 

For me seeing Jim for the fourth time the expectations were pretty high - let's just say I didn't get disappointed.

Some words about the venue first: the "Alte Seilerei" in Mannheim - hands down one of the prettiest venues I've been to. Big up's to the super nice staff members, too!

Now, the support act:

their name: The Plea 

their genre: Rock / Indie

 their show: great

The band from Ireland played around 8 to 10 songs, if I remember correctly. Some really up beat, some slowed down, all with great lyrics.
Got the crowd heating up immediately.

Perfectly in time, as usual, Jim and his band entered the stage with a very warm welcome from the small but loud crowd.
Yes, it was a small crowd but seriously one of the most enthusiastic crowds I have seen. There was some serious rock'n'roll going on starting even before song number 1 and ending a few minutes after song number 20.

What fascinates me most about watching Jim on stage is the energy, the passion, the love, the peace and the optimism he throws into the crowd.
You get the feeling and visual approval that during those minutes (hours) he's on stage nothing can stop him. 
(I strongly believe that nothing can stop him in general.)

The band:
Ben Barritt - guitar, backing vocals 
George Moore - keyboard
Dan Telander - drums, backing vocals
Lucas Dietrich - bass
- you might be sick of hearing me describing musicians as incredible but hell, they are incredible!

image credits: Dan Telander

One of many highlights of the evening was the special version of Jim's hit single "Tell Me (Where To Begin)": starting with only Jim playing the acoustic guitar (which is a beaut!) and singing the first verse and chorus, leading to George hitting the keys and playing the first notes of the studio / upbeat version.
 Most of the fans were singing along from the beginning but as soon as Jim managed to loose the microphone cable, pretty much everyone went wild and shouted "Tell me, tell me!"

Hearing the songs from the "One Story One Song Campaign" for the first time live was interesting and fresh.

Inviting the crowd to have a "Hefeweizen" with him, Jim thanked everyone for coming to the show and left the stage with a big grin in his face.

1) The Hooligan Army
2) Bye Bye The Elbe
3) The Jailer
4) The Great Doomsday Story
5) Threads
6) Birthrights
7) There's Something Missing
8) If I'm Born Too Late
9) Haiku
10) Promises Made In Vain
11) I Hope You Know
12) Guess That's What The Gods Say
13) Memoirs From The Afterlife
14) Tell Me (Where To Begin)
15) See How The Darkness Grows
16) The Loneliness Of The Vampire
17) Dreaming To Some Purpose
18) Through My Weakness

19) Waiting For A Healing
20) Lullabies In Spring

Now to my personal experience from the evening:
it kind of felt like a little reunion with some of my favourite people.
I definitely had the best time talking to Roadie Ryan, who is now not only Martin and James' and Jim Kroft's roadie but also mine. 
I must say my business cards looked fabulous between all the JK merch. :)
And Mr McNeil, you'll be the very first one to get backstage passes from me
(read an interview with Ryan here)

I talked to Ben for the first time, after he gave me the setlist (thanks again.) and I'm really excited to review / introduce him to you soon.

Meeting Jim was wonderful and very emotional / personal this time.
I hope you understand that at some point I don't want to share everything.
But what I can share with you is the news that there will be a giveaway involving Mr Kroft coming up soon.  So check back when you've got some time.

To sum it up in one word, the evening was ROCK'N'ROLL.

And now here's the photo work I did.
(Do you know how cruel it is to stand still during your favourite song?)

for more pictures, head over to the gallery

Links for Jim Kroft

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

x Vanessa


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