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Hey guys,
I'm happy to say that another band joined the "Get To Know:" series.
The band is called 20 Riverside and since they well tell you everything you need to know, there's no further information needed. 

Who are you?

Eli Davidson - drummer, backup singer. Co-writes many songs. From Everett, WA, USA.
Aron Glidden - lead singer, rhythm guitar, emcee. Writes or co-writes most of our songs. From Everett, WA, USA.
Dustin Haggerty - Lead emcee, lead guitar, sometime singer. Co-writes and writes. From Everett, WA, USA.
Dave Luxmore - bass guitar, trombone, emcee. Writes or co-writes most songs. From Everett, WA, USA.
James D. Orr - saxophones and flute. From Everett, WA, USA.
Ian Plagmann - keyboards and trumpet. From Everett, WA, USA. 

How would you describe your music?

20 Riverside blends the classic rock and brassy horns of Chicago and the funky grooves of Tower of Power and adds to it the hip-hop rhythms and social commentary of the Roots.

What does music mean to you?

Ian, keyboard and trumpet player: "It's like breathing; you breathe in and breathe in out."

Eli, drummer and backup singer: "To me, music is one of the oldest and purest forms of human expression. Beat and melody are part of our DNA. We evolved with it and our bodies crave it."

Dustin, lead guitar, emcee and singer: "Music to me is like a huge beautiful landscape of mood. You can explore within it. Of course it has its ugly places, it's mud puddles, but it is as vast as our moods will allow it to be. And has as many ups and downs as we do. I think it can be therapeutic even to wander in its meanest ugliest streets, sometimes more than the pretty places, or vice versa depending on ones mood. I used to try and force happiness, but now I think a person should acknowledge and embrace their moods just enough to not loose ones self completely. Play with them in a way. music has always allowed me to do that whether i realized it or not. I just hope our music lends toward feelings like compassion, and happiness, as the end result, no matter what mood we happen to embrace to take you there."(answers the next question, too.)

James, saxophone and flute: "Music to me makes life possible. It is my vocation, it is my avocation. It is my connection to the community. It is an outlet for expression. Music is art, music is math, music is poetry, music is science, music is pure feeling. Music makes daily existence into life." 

image: 20 Riverside

Is there a reason why you started making music?

Ian: "My older brother played clarinet, and he was the man. So i started playing trumpet and then eventually piano."

Dave, bass, trombone, and emcee: "I started making music with Aron and Dustin after going to several Super Sonic Soul Pimps shows and thinking we should do that!"

Eli: "I grew up with music all around me and it remains to be the most powerful influence in my life. I couldnt give any one singular reason that I started making my own music or playing an instrument. I just wanted to be a part of something that I already loved and admired."

James: "I had the opportunity to join either band, choir, or have an extra class to get my homework done in and I chose band. My grandparents had two instruments, a clarinet and an alto saxophone. I was supposed to play clarinet but they couldn't find it so I got the saxophone. I started taking music lessons, not saxophone lessons, with a family friend who was earning his doctorate in composition. He played me Thelonious Monk's "In Walked Bud" and I never looked back. I just knew I would be involved in music my whole life."

What have you released so far? What have you coming up?

We have released one full-length album, "Good Medicine" and one single "Camping Song" as well as a bunch of live tracks from our shows. We are currently working on our second album, yet to be named, which will be entirely self-recorded and self-produced. It will probably come out this summer.

Have a listen to "Sing Your Song", my personal favourite.

I have to say that these guys really surprised me with their sound. The variety of genres they mixed together is fascinating. Let's just say I'm a big fan!

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