Get To Know: Matt Swift

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Hey guys,
"get to know" time on HITS. 
This time Matt Swift sat down to answer my questions. 
Not only does he write great music but also great answers.

Who are you?
Matt Swift. From a small ex mining town called Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK. I play acoustic guitar and sing.

How would you describe you music?
I would describe my music as progressive folk pop. Combining the traditional story telling of folk music, with catchy melodies and infectious hooks! I am very much of the singer songwriter genre.

What does music mean to you?
Music to me is as important as fresh air and food! Without music the soul has no platform to empty its contents onto.

Is there a reason why you started making music?
I started making music after having 5 books full of verse, prose and fully formed poems. I wanted to transform these words into something tangible so I taught myself how to play the guitar.

What have you released?
I have two EPs on all the familure download sites eg iTunes:
- Lesson Over - which was the debut EP from 2011
- Questions Answered - the follow EP which was released earlier this month.

What have you coming up?
I am in the middle of planning one or two dates in Ireland where I have always wanted to play. Hopefully later this year.

Listen to "Keep On Believing", a song with a very nice message in it. 

Keep on believing and making music, Matt! :)
Wishing you all the best for your Ireland gigs and your future in general.

Thank you tons for helping me with my sleeping problem again, haha!
Links to find Matt:

Hope you enjoyed. :)

x Vanessa


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