Music video: "Only One" - The Bora

Hey guys,
it's music video time on house in the sand.
This time I'll be showing you the brand new video by The Bora for their song "Only One".

Before you get to see it, let me introduce this great band to you.

The Bora, a three piece band from London, UK that plays handmade Rock/Pop/Alternative music consists of:

- Will Tierney (vocals, guitar)
- Thierry Sequeira (drums)
- Alex Roberts (bass, backing vocals)

The guys have supported bands like Sick Puppies, The Like and Futures and have been played countless times on multiple radio stations.

2013 is all about the new video, a summer filled with gigging and heading over to Europe to play shows.

Now, patient readers, here's the video Will, Thierry and Alex have just released!

I personally like the song and the video a lot. 
The video is filmed in a pretty location with some really fancy lamps which look like the ones I have in my living room. 
So thumbs up for the set up!

 Also I really like how the guys and their instruments are in the focus, that's how it should be.

I'm a big fan of their sound!

Get connected with The Bora:

Hope you enjoyed!

x Vanessa


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