Cologne, is a brilliant city.

Hey guys,
so maybe you still remember it - two weeks ago my Mum and I went on a not so little road trip to Cologne for the Tom Odell concert.

Cologne is one of my favourite German cities and this time we had enough time to discover the beauty of the city.
The weather was perfect, sunny but not "oh no my ice cream is melting"-ish hot.

And yeah, since the whole thing of being a blogger and concert goer completely threw me into photography, of course my camera did not leave me for a second.
(It's kind of a disease, isn't it?)

Without further due, let me just show you a few impressions:

The "K├Âlner Dom" (THE cathedrale of Cologne)

Street work - if I only could draw like that ... 

Tourist style.

And the highlight of the day:

To read more about the show - click --> here <-- and enjoy your time. :)

I really hope you liked this post. What is your favourite city?

x Vanessa


  1. Wow the cathedral is sooooo beautiful!!


  2. So so pretty photos! Wonderful! :)


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