Tour Tip: Tom Odell

Do you have any plans for November yet?
After this post you might have some. 

Hey guys,
today I want to share a tour with you which I'm definitely going to be a little part of:

The Tom Odell Tour

Now, who is Tom Odell? 

The 22 years old piano man from Brighton (England) who is about to release his debut album ("Long Way Down") in less than two weeks is not only a Brit Award winner but also a great singer & songwriter.

With the talent and potential to "make it" in the industry he's showing that guys with pianos can be just as cool as the stereo type boys with guitars.

What makes him special is his simple attitude. "I still get nervous and shy before a gig.", says Tom in an interview with MTV.
As long as the nervousness and shyness don't take over when he's supporting The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park (London) soon, he should be good.

Dates for Germany:

6th November 2013 
Berlin | Kesselhaus

12th November 2013
Hamburg | Uebel & Gefaehrlich

16th November 2013
Munich | Theaterfabrik

26th November 2013
Cologne | Essigfabrik 

The shows are presented by: kulturnews, tapeTV and 
Promoter: FKP Scorpio

But don't worry, he's not just coming to Germany.
The tour includes lots of other countries like Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France and a lot more - for dates and tickets head over HERE.

If you'd like to read my review of one of Tom's recent gigs you should click - here.

Now here's Tom performing his hit "Another Love" live on KCRW.


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Are you getting tickets? Would be amazing to see you on tour this November. :)

x Vanessa


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