Spotlight On: The Plea

 Hey guys,
let me give you one advice that could change your life: trust Jim Kroft and his management when it comes to his support acts.

You probably remember last years concert review of the JK headline show where The Arkanes played first. You probably know that they became one of my favourite bands. (I salute you, Liverpoolians!)

The band I'm going to write about was Jim's support act from the "Lunatic Lullabies Headline Tour 2013" (concert review - here).

They go by the name The Plea and they play very good Indie/Rock music.

The band from Ballyliffen, Ireland consists of:
- Denny Doherty (vocals, electric/acoustic guitar, piano)

- Dermot Doherty (backing vocals, electric/acoustic guitar)
- Paul Toland (bass)
- Gerry Strawbridge (drums, percussion)
- Dave (guitar)
Additional member: for live shows
- Tim Wills (keys)

Brothers Denny and Dermot have been playing music for quite a while. After moving from Ballyliffen to London (England) to Boston (US) and then back to Ballyliffen (Ireland) they met their bassist and drummer and formed THE PLEA.

Signed at Planet Function / R&S Records the band released their first album called "The Dreamers Stadium" in late 2012.

As you got the hint in the intro - I've seen The Plea live supporting Jim Kroft just a few weeks ago.

If I remember correctly they played 8 to 10 songs and to be honest with you - I could have listened to more. Way more.
That's probably why I got their album "The Dreamers Stadium" right after they got off stage.
Such a quality band!

Lead singer Denny introduced some tracks off the album on their blog (hey, we're colleagues!) which I highly recommend reading (click - HERE).

So in indirect cooperation with Denny, here are my favourites:

Staggers Anthem:
The first song you'll get to hear on the album. Here's the music video:

Glass Waltz:
Another incredible track, watch the music video:

Too Young To Die:
The song I liked the most when they played it live. It shows they are great writers, so here's what Denny has to say about it:
"I've known a few good friends who died young, and my girlfriends great grandmother was still alive she was 102 years old and every year we'd have a party for her, she used to say she just wanted to die, that it was too long. So combining the two, I wrote the song, there's no answer to it. I still think 102 is too young but she didn't."
 (taken from this post)

Sadly I didn't get to talk to them after the show because I was really busy talking to some other cool people you'll see on here soon. ;)

Now it's your turn to follow the guys online:

I bet you enjoyed! :)

x Vanessa


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