Interview: Puppet Rebellion

Hey guys,
time for another interview.

This time guitarist Craig and singer Simon of the indie band Puppet Rebellion from Manchester sat down to answer my questions.

Puppet Rebellion are: 

- Simon Monaghan (singer/front man)
- Chris Carcamo (drums)
- Paul Trochowski (guitars)
- James Halliwell (bass)
- Craig Gibson (guitars)

See what they have to say about their name, the rebellion of getting together, social media, their hometown's bakery and more.

 house in the sand: Your name is “Puppet Rebellion” – what’s behind this artistic name? How did you come up with it?

Craig (guitarist): It's a reference to the many revolutions of the proletariat which have occurred throughout history. The name came to Paul's (our other guitarists) mother in a troubled winter dream in 1997. Upon waking she made Paul swear if he ever formed a band he must name it Puppet Rebellion.

Simon (singer): That's not actually true Craig but a great answer nonetheless.  I chose the name as I left my previous band because I felt that the management treated me like a puppet so this was my way of saying F**k you.  

house in the sand: How did you get together? Was it some kind of rebellion?

Craig: A series of internet ads and responses from people who were disillusioned with what they were currently doing musically. It was a rebellion in the same sense that the formation of the rolling stones was a fusion of physics and geology. 

Simon: Pretty accurate answer. Again I started the band and Craig replied to my ad (I'm the best). I met Craig and my first words were "At least you are good looking" it was then we knew that this was meant to be.

house in the sand: Imagine you could invite anyone to a gig of yours. Who would you want to be there?

Craig: Steven Seagal (musician as well as action hero)

Simon: My old band mates/management

house in the sand: Setting yourself aims and reaching them is probably what keeps one going. What have you wanted to accomplish and succeeded with it?

Craig: I aimed to cut down the amount of hours I was sleeping every night a few years ago which was at the time almost ten hours a night. I sleep a normal amount now so that's something I'm extremely proud of. 

Simon: I aimed to find someone more sarcastic than me and start a band with them.  I achieved this aim. Besides that we set a goal to have an EP out in the first 6 months of 2013 and now I am proud to say we are on target to do that as the EP will be available for free download on Thursday 20th June!

house in the sand: What are your thoughts on social media in combination with music? Do Twitter, Facebook and co help you?

Craig: Social media is a vehicle we have in the present day that allows us to promote our music to a global audience. We would be foolish not to utilise this tool for sure.

Simon: Well ask yourself how you found out about us Vanessa! Haha I think its essential to be honest.  Especially when you don't have the backing of a record label.  Its a free way of getting your music into the ears of targeted people.  We have had 3,300 people listen to a rough demo we did about 2 months ago and it has opened a lot of doors.  

(editor's note: make that a few more people listening to the demo)

house in the sand: Another imagine: if you met your favourite musician, let’s say in your hometowns bakery, what would you want to ask him/her? And of course, who would it be?

Craig: If I met Steven Seagal in my local hometown bakery, I would politely ask him what type of hot cross bun he'd recommend.

Simon: Jim Morrison would be the person I'd most like to meet and I would ask if he has any indigestion tablets on him as pastry gives me heartburn.

house in the sand: What are your plans for the future?

Craig: To persevere. 

Simon: To Succeed.
house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: We are Puppet Rebellion and we …
Craig: ... have a very specific set of skills which make us a nightmare for people like you…

Simon: ... hope you find us hilarious and then decide to listen to our EP (Free download) and then tell all of your friends who in turn will tell their friends and before you know it we will be the worlds best band.
house in the sand: Is there anything else you want the house in the sand readers to know?

Craig: A one kilogram packet of sugar contains roughly 5 million individual grains.

Simon: I think there are better foundations than sand to build a house upon. 
(editor's note: HAHA. Oh really?)
 Apart from that please visit our website which is or follow us on Twitter which is @puppetrebellion.  
house in the sand: Thanks you tons for sitting down and answering my questions. I’m wishing you all the best!

Craig: Thanks and you too.

Simon: It's our pleasure :)

So, that was the interview, I hope you enjoyed. Quite the jokers, these lads, aren't they?
Well, their music is brilliant, so stay tuned for the upcoming EP.

Social media links for Puppet Rebellion:

Have a great day!

x Vanessa


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