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Hey guys,
I am very honored to present you a really interesting musician today.
His name is Wullae Wright and he's here to answer my questions.

Enjoy getting to know him. :)

Who are you?
I am a solo musician from Glasgow, Scotland. I sing and play guitar, bass and keyboard. I also record and produce all my own music.

How would you describe your music?
In terms of subject matter, my music is generally quite dark and normally about some kind of social or personal theme. Musically, I have a traditional Acoustic/Indie/Rock sounds. I try and develop this sound incorporating different genres mixed with my own style. With all my albums I have tried to have a variety of genres mixed with my own style.
My first album 'AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR'S. GONE' is an Indie/Rock effort, surrounded by a dark atmospheric tones and beats. This album is about the nightlife and my own experiences living in Glasgow, Scotland. I cover topics like homelessness, gangsters, clubbing, love, crime, etc.
My second album 'In Cloud Cuckooland' is an Industrial Electronic Dance album with moments of Indie Rock in there. This is a dark look at mental health and psychology. I cover topics such as dreams, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, etc.
My third album 'Anonymous' is a Heavy Rock Dubstep Electronic mix and is centered around the darker side of the internet. I cover topics like pornography, trolling, online bullying, etc. 
My fourth album 'Opus. 1' is purely acoustic, keeping it raw and basic like the songs would be live. This is probably my least dark album, mainly centered on my own life experiences.
My E.P 'Overzealous Work Ethic' is a piano based project with samples cut ups of Classical music, and my E.P 'Under the Pyramids' is a clean electric guitar album with looped sounds.

What does music mean to you? Is there a reason why you started making music?
Music is everything to me. I cannot go a day without at least listening to some music. I can barely go a day without thinking of the next song and album I want to work on or write. I am always thinking ahead in terms of my own music. If I am not thinking of my own music, I am listening to my favourite bands/artists etc.

For me, music is something no one can get at. It is deeply ingrained. It has such an influence on me personally that I am extremely thankful that I have managed to connect with it the way I have. My confidence, my personality, my beliefs have been shaped by music. It is part of me.

Music came into my life very haphazardly. I didn't have a great interest in music throughout my early life. It was only in my teens that I began to take an interest. One day I was listening to the radio and the Manic Street Preachers song 'Tsunami' came on. I thought it was the coolest song I'd ever heard. I got their album 'This is my Truth, Tell me Yours' for Christmas that same year, and my interest grew and grew. I wanted to play the drums, but we couldn't afford them in my house. A friend of the family had given us an old acoustic guitar, so I decided to try that one day. My friend Stuart Carroll began playing guitar around the same time and we formed a band together - 'the Heads of State'. We listened and like the same music, and so it just developed from there.

What have you released? What have you coming up?
I have created four albums and two E.Ps. I have numerous other songs and projects too but my albums and E.Ps are completed pieces. I personally have not released any of my music. I did sign with Freaky Pug PR/Records and released the single 'Vixen - Part 1, 2, 3 & 4' (from my album 'AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR'S. GONE') which can be found on itunes, amazon etc. I have also had my song 'UFO' (from my new album 'The Orange Line') feature on compilation album '1st Renaissance' by Red Dragon Records, and my song 'Red Bridge' (from my album 'Opus. 1') feature on compilation album 'Indievidual Volume Two' by Hourglass Recordings - which are both available on itunes, etc.

I am working on my fifth album 'The Orange Line' at the moment, which I am hoping to have finished before the end of the year. It is going really well and I am eager to get it out there for everyone to hear. At the moment it is made up of 13 tracks. I also have numerous collaborations and remix projects going on with other musicians which have been fantastic. Beyond this, I have no concrete plans.

Now that you know Wullae very well, listen to his music:

At this point I would like to thank Wullae for taking time to answer these questions in such a wonderful and inspiring way.
I haven't met such a hardworking person in a while now.
Keep it up, you'll go your way!

Some of his links:

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