Interview: Shoot The Rabbit

Hey guys,
I recently did a very cool interview with the guys of Shoot The Rabbit, an Indie band from North Wales, UK. 
The lads took time to chat with me during their band practice. 

But who are 'the lads'?
- David Bollough (lead guitar, vocals)
- Rhodri Davies (drums)
- Matt Norton (bass)
- Adam Taylor (rhythm guitar)

Now learn more about them and see what they've got to say about band practice, their music,  Red Hot Chili Peppers, cats and a lot more.

house in the sand: So, Shoot The Rabbit, you're having band practice right now.
What does that look like? Is there a routine?
And where are you practicing? In a garage or at one's home?

Shoot The Rabbit: We are a little late but this is what a Rabbit practice looks like:

No normal routine, really. Rhod at the back and we take it from there! We play in a bowls pavilion, rock and roll, hey?! When we frist started at UNI we practiced a in a loft conversion or basement.

house in the sand: Thanks for the picture! Looks like a cool place to jam at.
If there's no routine, I guess there's no specific set of songs planned, am I right?
So what do you plan on playing today? Only your own songs or also some covers?

Shoot The Rabbit: We are playing a gig tomorrow so we'll have a crash through the set list that we chose at the end of last practice. 
For this gig we'll be playing 6 or 7 of our songs (25min set). At our last gig we played a couple of covers: Moloko - "Sing It Back" and Daft Punk - "Get Lucky". 

house in the sand: Moloko and Daft Punk - the acts you listen to in your free time?
Please tell us which albums you've been listening to lately! 

Shoot The Rabbit: It's hard to get away from the Daft Punk one, at the minute it's everywhere! Haha.
David has been listening to Bass Drum of Death recently.
Haim, Alt J and Foals are some of the other delights we've been listening to.

house in the sand: Do you get your inspiration from any of those acts?
If not, what inspires you to write?

Shoot The Rabbit: Not really from those bands. We'd have to say Arctic Monkeys really.  We had all started UNI around that time and were also relatively new to our instruments.
There were a lot of British Indie bands in the charts: Kasabian, Bloc Party, Kooks and Franz Ferdinand who all had an impact on our style.
We all grew up when Brit Pop had its boom in the mid to late nineties so we have always been around guitar based music like Blur, Oasis, Cast and Pulp.
Music around the house when we were little has probably had an impact, too.

house in the sand: Now let's talk about your own music: You have uploaded tons of songs on your SoundCloud account.
Which is the song you're most proud of?

Shoot the Rabbit: We've had three attempts in the recording studio so far and are slowly getting used to it.
I think that The Scribble EP has a better sound, probably because we were more comfortable in the studio. We have shaken the schoolboy nerves that we had whilst recording our first EP.
It's a tough choice to pick an individual song; "Scribble" may just edge it over "No Bugs Or Fleas" and "Sticky Bomb".
We've probably had the most positive feedback from those songs.

At this point the band asked me which my favourite song was ... I'll tell you at the end of the interview.

house in the sand: Back to the live shows: I got to know a lot of my favourite bands / artists when they opened up a show I visited.
Who would you like to open up for? Or wouldn't you want to tour with some big band because you'd rather do it on your own?
Shoot The Rabbit: We'd like to open up for Red Hot Chili Peppers, their shows have enormous energy and they put on a great show.

Realistically we'd love to tour with We Are Animal, we supported them once and they were fabulous. They are also from North Wales and have recently been signed. We have been lucky enough to have played with a number of great bands from Wrexham and North Wales, are friends with members of The Revolutionary Spirit and The Maydays so would have a brilliant time performing with them.

Nightbox from Canada were unbelievable, we received a late call to support them and they rewarded us with a fantastic performance. Dave would love to play with Paws, a wonderful band who have a similar love for cats like us ... well me, Matt.

house in the sand: Too bad I'm not a full time musician ... I love cats.
Erm, back to the interview: what can we expect from you? Is there anything special coming up?

Shoot The Rabbit: We have 4/5 new songs that we are looking to record this summer. we are also playing our first gig out of North Wales and Chester, playing Barca Live in Manchester on 6th July. Hopefully after that we can play more regularly and reach a bigger audience.

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence:
We are Shoot The Rabbit and we ...

Shoot The Rabbit: ... contrary to popular belief we love rabbits. In fact we like all lovely critters.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you'd like the house in the sand readers to know?

Shoot The Rabbit: We would like the readers to know that all our songs are FREE to download too :)
And feel free to speak to us on Twitter/Facebook, we are happy to talk to anyone.

house in the sand: And now it's time for a massive thank you! It's been nothing but fantastic to interview you guys.
I loved the feeling of this being quite real and so relaxed. Thank you!
Can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

Shoot The Rabbit: Thanks Vanessa for this interview. You have been blooming lovely! Will try and get some recording for you tomorrow, or we'll have to play in Germany one day!! Once again, many thanks!

Ok, first of all, that picture is brilliant. Thank you tons! It's been great.

Now, as promised, let me talk about my favourite song, which is:

I love pretty much everything about it. The vocals are brilliant, the whole arrangements, just everything.
I really enjoy the kind of mysterious sound of it.

Listen to more Shoot The Rabbit now!

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Vanessa x

picture credits: Shoot The Rabbit


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