Cover vs. Original #2

Hey guys,
I couldn't be happier about the feedback I got for the new series "Cover vs. Original". You enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it and voted.

(If you have absolutely now idea what new series I'm talking about, please make yourself familiar with it by reading this.)

So here's the result:
(Song: "I Knew You Were Trouble")
The winner of the debut duel is: Tom Odell.
So the cover version won! Really interesting thing.

Ok, now let's move on to this week's duel.

Song: "I Will Wait"
Originally performed by: Mumford and Sons
Covered by: Little Mix

Guitar, bass and banjo. Three words to describe this song. The beginning might give you a heart attack because it's all quiet and then badabuuuumm. (Now that's a professional way to describe a sound, guys.) I like how the chorus gets all stripped down at first but builds up each time. It changes from simple to out done to laid back again.

The girls were the first band to win the British X-Factor in 2011, maybe because of that they're still used to covering songs and were up to covering Mumford and Sons right away. Like last week's cover this one is also slowed down and more piano based and mostly concentrated on the voices and the ladies' harmonies. 

Don't forget to vote. The poll is on the left side of this post, just click on your favourite and we're good. If you're super fancy, leave a comment and tell me your opinion. ;)

I'm really excited for the result. : )

Vanessa x


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