Stage Time With: The Arkanes

Hey guys!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like from a band's perspective to walk on stage and play a gig?
If you did and still are curious - well well, then today's your lucky day!

Last week I followed The Arkanes on their way from their dressing room backstage to the stage and filmed everything for you. 

The Arkanes are a rock band from Liverpool, UK.
Formed in 2007 the band has gone through two lineup changes and now consists of:
Chris Pate (lead vocals, guitar)
Dylan Cassin (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Andy Long (drums)
Jake Hallam (bass, backing vocals)
With an EP out ("Don't Act Like You Don't Know Me") they've already built a loyal and world wide fanbase. Debut album "W.A.R" took everything to another level - touring Germany supporting acts like The Rifles, Monster Truck and now Blues Pills.

Here's the video! Enjoy watching the band go on stage. ;)

The Arkanes online:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

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Credits // Text, Photography & Videography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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