Interview: The Glass Child

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I believe that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve if you're really determined to do so.
I always work by the words "the only way you fail is when you don't react" which my friend Jim Kroft wrote.

Today I have an interview with Charlotte Eriksson, the lady behind The Glass Child for you who seems to share my opinion. 
The singer/songwriter owns a record label, has 5 EPs out, one album and is about to release her second album.

She's done incredible things such as moving out with 18 and leaving the country and will tell you more about it in the interview.

Enjoy! :)

house in the sand: So Charlotte, you've done quite a lot of things in your life; you've moved out at the age of 18 to pursue your music career. What did it feel like to do that?
Charlotte: It was definitely scary and hard, but at the same time it shaped me and turned me into everything I am today. I learned how to get by on my own and how to fight for my own dreams, and I would never be able to do what I do today if it wasn't for my urge to build my own life at a very young age.

house in the sand: You have also spent a year living in Berlin. What was that like? Did you like the city?
Charlotte: I really love living in Berlin and it's been a great city to spend the last year in, while writing and recording my album. I do start to feel my wanderlust again though, and it's time to move on to new adventures. Where I don't know yet :)

house in the sand: Sweden, England, Germany - are there any other places you'd like to go?
Charlotte: So many! I'm a wanderer by nature and I want to go to and live in as many places as possible. One of my favorite places on earth is Scotland and I'd love to live there at some point. Prague is also a favorite.

house in the sand: Your book is out! First of all - congratulations on that! How long did it take you to write it?
Charlotte: Yes! Thank you so much! I published my first book "Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps" last year, and it's been beautiful to see how much it helped my fans to connect deeper with both my journey, my mission and my music. The book happened really naturally. I've always been writing, as a natural way for me to deal with myself and situations. I spent a year kind of homeless on the road, just wandering wherever I could play or reach out with my music, and naturally I wrote every single day about things I saw and felt and learned. It just felt like a waste of lessons and experiences to not share them with people, so the idea of turning my writings into a book was really easy.

house in the sand: Imagine your music could be featured on any kind of TV series - which one would you like it to be?
Charlotte: I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy nerd, so if I could get my music onto that show I'd be happy for the rest of my strange little life.

house in the sand: Do you have one song you're most proud of?
Charlotte: This is always a hard questions because obviously every single song means a lot to me and symbolises some specific in my own life. If I had to pick one song though that always will mean the world to me, it's probably my song "Stay". 

house in the sand: What are your plans for the future?
Charlotte: I'm currently in the UK doing a House Concert Tour, and it's been so amazing so far! I have one week left of the tour in the UK, then I'll go back to Berlin and release my new album "I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die" October 21, and then keep touring in Germany, Romania, France, Netherlands and Sweden!

house in the sand:Please complete the following sentence: I am The Glass Child and I ...
Charlotte: believe that everything is possible if you just want it bad enough.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you would like the house in the sand readers to know?
Charlotte: Please come and talk to me on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or anywhere else in cyber space! I love when people write to me and I always reply! And don's miss my new album, out October 21!

The Glass Child online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

Thank you for reading! 

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Answers: Charlotte Eriksson


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