Playlist: Autumn Time 2014

Hey guys!

A wee look outside the video this morning definitely proved it - it's Autumn. The leaves turn from green to yellow, orange and red; it's starting to get foggy in the morning, darkness kicks in earlier and stays longer.
This also means we slowly but surely need to turn our summery roadtrip playlist down and switch to the Autumn playlist. 

If I was a fashion blogger I'd show you the boots I'd wear for this season, but I'm a music blogger, so I'll show you what I listen to when the days get shorter.

The autumn playlist consists of tunes I can't stop listening to by artists I've worked with already, artists I just really dig and some brand new stuff which was submitted via Twitter.

You can listen to the songs and find what I have to say about them below.
Hope you enjoy! :)

 "Evergreen" by  Jason Tyler
This song just screams autumn. The atmospheric guitar based ballad won me over with Jason's soothing yet expressive vocals. Great way to start the playlist!

"Chasing Rubies" by Hudson Taylor
I've got a soft spot for good harmonies. Harry and Alfie definitely got me. This is such a lovely up beat folk track, you just gotta have it on a playlist.

"Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene" by Hozier
Hozier... I'm obsessed with his music. This tune show cases his voice and writing skills in such perfect way. Calm in the beginning, grooving as it marches on.

"Last Penny Blues" by Dirty Rotten Souls
There's no season I could survive without rock'n'roll! Thank god the Dirty Rotten Souls submitted their track. I love it!

"Veins" by Shoot The Rabbit
The rabbits, great friends and even greater musicians. "Veins" is one of their rather calm and acoustic ones and really suits the autumn theme.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana
Shame on me but I just recently got into Nirvana. I just never really had anyone hand me one of their records until now. Now I'm absolutely hooked. This one's a classic!

"About A Girl" by The Academy Is
Throwback! There was a phase, years ago, were I loved this song. Randomly found it online and gave it another listen, turns out I still quite enjoy it. 

"This Is Our Cloud" by Nick Liam
Piano based ballads, definitely an autumn thing. Nick has such brilliant voice!

"Clueless" by Orla Gartland
Miss Gartland, a bubbly and passionate musician. And so is this tune, lovely for a happy walk in the forest.

"Never Gone Far" by Alex Stockley
Alex Stockley is such a talented guy and I'm really glad he contacted me. We need to keep an eye on him, I'm sure he'll be big soon. Honest and talented music for the soul.

"Left For America" by Ciaran Lavery
This song has been on my playlist for months now, I can listen to it whenever. Of course it's on the playlist. 

"Keep Them" by Keeva
I know I'm going to make her happy when I say she's the female version of Elvis and John Mayer. One hell of a talented artist! Really glad to know Keeva and her tunes.

"Hate To Love You" by Sarah Bollinger
Did somebody ask for powerful soul/pop? Well, here you go! This slightly funky tune is for those minutes where you just NEED to have a good time dancing around in your room.

"It's Just My Skin" by George Ezra
Yeah, his voice is fantastic, isn't it? Seems like he could make the phone book interesting by singing it. A slower ballad for those dreamy moments in autumn.

"Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran
Get a cup of tea, a blanket and relax. Ed's gonna help you.

"Willis" by Yinka Oyewole
Enough with the relaxing, let's get grooving with Yinka Oyewole. Brilliant submission! Really not what I usually listen to but this is fun!

"Alive" by Bella Loka
Had the pleasure to interview this pop duo, "Alive" is one of their newest tracks and convinces with charming electronic elements and of course singer Tea's voice.

"I've Been A Mess" by PARLA
I love the calm moments in autumn where it's all about enjoying the beautiful nature and the freedom outside in the woods or somewhere. PARLA definitely wrote a soundtrack for that.

Thank you for reading!

 Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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