Gig Impressions: The Arkanes in Berlin


Hey guys!

Sometimes things fall into place in such perfect ways it's almost scary.
I just got back from Berlin. I had this trip planned for quite a while when The Arkanes announced their tour dates supporting Blues Pills and The Vintage Caravan.
Faith would have it they were playing in B-Town the day I arrived.

So I took my camera (and my other camera, two tripods, mics,...) and went to see them. 
I am actually really happy with how the footage we produced turned out and can't wait to show you everything.
Whilst I'm still cutting and editing the video, you can already have a look at the photographs I took.

Hope you enjoy!

This was the fourth time I saw them live this year and it's actually amazing to see how they're getting better each time.
I had a little chat with Dylan about his backing vocals; at the beginning of the year he was just the second backing voice but now with a lineup change in the band he has to do most backings on his own. In my opinion his voice improved a lot and this is just an example of how the band is always working hard on their stage presence.

Even though it was just a 30 minutes set and I was really focused on taking pics and filming, I still took some time to watch the crowd. The Berlin crowd was really into it and had such a great time. 
Whilst walking through the crowd to take pics I had quite a hard time not getting crushed but let's just take this as passionate listeners.

As mentioned early, the band had a lineup change and are now with a new bassist, Jake Hallam.
I was really curious how they would manage it because it's obviously a new situation.
But all members play together so well and it's a lot of fun to watch them. Each of them is really into it and 100% passionate about what they're doing.


Kanes, once again - chapeau! Always good to see and hear you on stage.

I hope you all enjoyed those pics and that you're excited for what's yet to come. :)

The Arkanes online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske (aka V Jetwash)


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