Berlin Adventures

Hey guys,

Do you have a city in which you don't live but you feel like it's your home?

I do and it's Berlin. The capital of Germany.
It feels like there's nothing you can't do there and inspiration and creativity is basically everywhere.

During my last trip in May I've done a lot of cool things and I thought I'd share them with you in this post.

Thursday, 22nd May 2014

2pm: there I sat. At Stuttgart airport. Not knowing that my flight would turn out to be super chaotic. Instead of the usual 75 minutes it took me about 180 minutes.

6pm: finally arrived in Berlin, changed clothes and went for a nice walk in the evening. Made some delicious dinner with my friend and just enjoyed being back.
Friday, 23rd May 2014

10.45am: surprisingly found the station I was supposed to find on my own without getting lost.
Seriously guys, that was such a highlight for me since my sense of navigation used to be terrible!

11am: met up with the fantastic Ben Barritt to film an interview. (Watch it here!)
After multiple changes and wanderings we finally set up right next to the Spree. The interview was absolutely wonderful to do and I really enjoyed it.

12pm: had a little break between the interview and the next part of work so I decided to take a little stoll through the streets of Berlin and basically relaxed at some really cool places.

5pm: and back to work. Reunited with The Arkanes it was all about putting on our professional attitude and creating awesome content.
Some time between 5 and 6pm: the banner, a massive part of our documentary. (Which can be seen here!)

9pm: show time! The Arkanes basically rocked the hell out of rock and totally nailed their very first headliner in Germany. I'm actually proud to say I was part of it. Especially considering the fact they'll be playing arenas soon. (Gig impressions here!)

After the gig until 3am: let's let this picture stand for the after show party stuff. Matching the table cloth I felt very fashionable backstage.
Hung out with the Kanesies until they had to leave for their next gig and then kindly got invited to go out with basically everyone I ever blogged about from Berlin. We all went to a lovely bar and had some really interesting conversations, planned further collabs and basically just enjoyed some beers.

Saturday. 24th May 2014

We pretty much spent all day in Potsdam exploring its beautifully sights, enjoyed some really good food and took sime lovely photographs.
Seriously, I'm still not over how pretty everything was! If you ever get the chance to go to Potsdam - grab it!

Sunday, 25th May 2014

7.30am: early morning at the airport. My Berlin time was already over and home was calling.

And just because photography is not enough, I filmed a few snippets and made a little video for you guys to watch and I hope you're going to enjoy!

(Background music: 'Veins' by Shoot The Rabbit)

Since this post is a bit more personal I'm allowing myself to be a bit cheesy now.
A massive thank you goes to everyone I was with during my time in Berlin.
That would be my friend who let me stay at hers, The Arkanes who I'm going to adopt as my brothers, the wonderful B-town music gang consisting of people I've already worked with quite often and the ones I met that day, and thank yous to the ones who actually came to see me and even my amazing cab driver.

I really had a brilliant time.

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text, Photography & Videography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. looks wonderful :) great pics!!!

  2. berlin's like second hometown to me, too! recognizing so many placed that you showed on the pictures! so happy for you that you got to work with your favourite bands! oh, and the video ist wonderful! i used to make tons of videos a couple of yours ago..somehow missing it :)

    xx Ola

    1. We need to go there together once! Seriously! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and the video. You should start making videos again, I'm sure they'd look amazing! :)
      Thanks so much for the comment! x


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