EP Review: 'Paradise Blue' by Moonlands

Band: Moonlands
Title: Paradise Blue
Genre: Alternative, Pop-rock
Label: independent
Release: 25th May 2014
hits rating: 8,5/10

Hey guys,

Threre's so much good music on this planet and I fear I won't be able to introduce every talented band but at least I can share some of them with you.

Moonlands for example.

Moonlands are a four piece outfit from Brighton, England consisting of
Lucy Elliot (vocals, guitar)
Joel Frosh (guitar)
Josh Fry (bass, backing vocals)
Joel Brooks (drums)

They play atmospheric pop blended with different elements.
Just last month they released their debut EP 'Paradise Blue' which was recorded at JBJ Recording Studios.

And today I'd like to talk about that.

1) Years
2) Paradise Blue
3) Prom Song

Opener 'Years' is lead by Lucy's fresh and unique vocals. A forward marching drum beat supports those vocals and is accompanied by infectious guitar riffs.
The whole song has a slightly electro-pop touch to it and is the most up beat track of the EP. A really good summer tune with a nice retro vibe.

Title track 'Paradise Blue' definitely deserves to be the title track.
The band's own pop sound is combined with softer indie rock sounds which blend in perfectly.
The rhythm section carries the song's heart and gives it the needed grip.

Things get a bit bluesier for 'Prom Song', the intro of the song sounds a bit like a farewell which is caused by soft and rather high picking and a slower drum beat that builds up towards the end before the song is brought back to the calm beginnings.
Expressive and emotional vocals once again highlight the songs's atmosphere.

To sum it up: Moonlands are a band to watch. With this very strong EP they already show case their musical talent and let you know how well they can control their instruments. 'Paradise Blue' is the absolute paradise for your ears.

You should listen to these tracks: 'Years', 'Paradise Blue'

Moonlands online: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

 Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: Moonlands


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