Songs Of The Day: 'Forgiven', 'Lucky One' and 'Lifeline'

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Hey guys,

I'm sure pretty much every single one of you has been asked this one question which sounds oh so simple: what is your favourite song?
To be completely honest with you - there's no question I hate like that one.

Whenever somebody asks me "so Vanessa, what is your favourite song?" all I want to do is run in circles and jump in anger.
Because I never could and probably never will be able to just pick one damn song. 
And I'll always be paranoid about forgetting some brilliant song.

That's why I am not made for "Song Of The Day" features.
But - this is my blog so I can change things up.

And that's why I decided to simply add an "s" and make this the "SongS Of The Day" section.

Simple but affective.

When Lizabett sent me an email saying she had a new song out, I was absolutely excited to listen to. I have to admit this lady is one of my favourite female vocalists.
So of course I have to talk about this one.

Lizabett Russo is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen, Scotland. She mixes various genres to her very own sound but could be described as an acoustic/folk-rock artist.
With a voice that can tell stories just by its expressive sound and even more detailed writing skills, Liz is blessed with a lot talent.

Talent which she absolutely knows how to use. 'Forgiven' first makes you think it's a calm folk song mostly controlled by said killer vocals. Suprise! It's not! Well, not completely - towards the end the instrumentals explode into tradional rock sounds and add a lot of grip and volume to the song.

Miss Russo is one to watch (and to listen to, obviously!).

Lizabett Russo online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

"We aim to merge the atmospheric warmth of bands like daughter with heavier more rock driven bands.", well this intro really caught my attention when I was checking the new email I got.

The quote there comes from the alternative rock band called Humbug. They are a four piece consisting for 16-19 year olds.

And I'm quite sure a lot of you will think "they're too young to be good" but guess what? They are not too young - they are incredible.
(Don't underestimate youngsters, guys!)

Their track 'Lucky One' happens to be a demo version but already blew me away, to be completely honest.
Brilliant, warm and slightly raspy vocals collide with such amazing and controlling instrumentals. Why controlling? Because they just make you want to move, not too crazy but you just don't want to sit still, even though the track seems like a rather serious song.

Warmth? Heavier rock driven sounds? Humbug got it all!

Humbug online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

When I first got into blogging and the whole internet thing I used to stick to what I know. And what I knew back then was that I like rock and acoustic music.

Developing into a music blogger and learning how to discover great music, I started to give every genre a chance to impress me.
Best decision ever!
Back in the days electro pop wouldn't even catch my attention. And it's still not the one genre I turn to all the time, but I realized that is has so much to offer.

Holly Elle for example.
My good friends from LaFamos Management always send me quality artists and it was no exception this time.
Holly Elle is an electro pop singer originally from Chestermere, Canada who moved to Nashville, USA.

Her influences vary as much as her sound does - the e-pop instrumentals are the exact oppposite of her rather soul/r'n'b-ish voice.
For her song 'Lifeline' Holly worked with producer Isaac Hasson (Demi Lovato) and created an upbeat, danceable yet still emotional and colourful track.

Her vibrant vocals give it a nice twist and make this song a potential summer hit.

Holly Elle online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

And those are my songs of the day! I really hope you enjoyed!

Thank you for reading! 
What are your songs of the day? ;)

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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