Video Of The Day: 'Say No' by Casino Circus

 Hey guys,

A lot of you have noticed how videography is becoming a bigger part of house in the sand. I'm getting more and more into video making and just the whole concept of visualizing certain emotions and moments by capturing things the right way is absolutely fascinating to me.

And that's why I've decided to publish more "Video Of The Day" features.
The video that's in the spotlight is the music video for 'Say No' by Casino Circus.
Casino Circus are a four piece outfit from Aberdeen, Scotland.
The indie project plays pop/rock with funk and alternative elements and consists of:
Andreas Misacas
Jay Wallace
Robbie Gauld 
Gary Allan

In their bio they write "we love playing live", maybe that's a reason why the concept of their music video for 'Say No' is a live performance.

Personally I absoultely love the beginning which is a sketching of the infamous YouTube player we all know (way too) well.
The drawer starts the video for the viewers and even clicks the full screen button. Thumbs up for the creativity here!

There are quite a few different angles in the video and there's a lot of switching between those but it's definitely enjoyable and not too much. (Do you know these videos were you just can't follow and there's too much to look at?)

The video is just as electrifying, energetic and infectious as the song itself.

'Say No' is a danceable track with its focus on the rock elements, yet it's still catchy enough to be entitled as pop/rock. Funky guitar riffs, a lively drum beat paired with a well working bass line and strong vocals.

This song is a potential summer tune and is most likely to get stuck in your head.

But have a listen yourself! ;)

Casino Circus online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography & Video: Casino Circus


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