Oh Berlin


Hey guys,

Oops I did it again!
Once again I got myself some flight tickets to Berlin, my favourite city in this whole wide world.

I met up with the beauty that is Seija from The Nothern South and let's just say - it was brilliant.
We shared a hotel room and had enough space to invite 3 other people to sleep there - (but we didn't, don't worry, Mum!)

I decided to share some of my impressions with you. I actually did not get to film a lot like I did last time but there are still a few shots that shall take you along. 

Yeah, we're computer freaks. Of course we had to check our blogs, right?

Probably the only red carpet I'll ever walk on.
Hotel room shootings, because why not?

I could spend days wandering through the streets of Berlin. I just love the atmosphere, the people, the vibe.
I got a thing for flower crowns. And weird faces.

Beautiful Seija and buuuuuuuuuubbles. :)

The fantastic Ryan invited us to watch Everlast live as he was managing the tour. I was really curious about the hip hop and acoustic combination and to be honest, I thought I wasn't going to become a fan. But seriously - I absolutely enjoyed it.
Click here to listen to a tune I'm sure you've heard before.
It was also wonderful to see the wonderful Anja again. Oh, she also has a band - check it out here! :)
Just because we didn't take enough pictures already. ;)
This picture just screams Tumblr, doesn't it?
Oh and it's not the lead singer I fancy. ;)

I just can't help but love this city...

Worked behind the camera and had a brilliant time! Those video skills are slowly but surely developing.
After filming an interview and a session with a very talented musician (which you'll read about soon) we met up with a guy I've worked with before. I really enjoyed sharing opinions on this business, music in general and just having a great chat with Björn from bangup bullet.
The tour through Prenzlauer Berg was a nice way to finish our little visit.
Mirror selfie, of course!

Met up with some of my favourite Berlin people at my favourite bar.
Probably the highlight of the trip. :)

Ok now here's the most "rock'n'roll" thing that happened during the four days in Berlin:
the brilliant Jim Kroft played a secret/spontaneous gig at a lovely café in the streets of B-town.
Together with Ben Barritt, one hell of a guitarist and musician himself, a little acoustic set was planned.
The gig started at 4.30pm and I had to leave at 5.15 to catch my flight home in time. I was honestly a bit scared that I wouldn't catch it but I obviously did.

You can absolutely call this the grand finale of my trip as I dearly missed hearing JK live. The fact that most of the songs they played were brand new made everything even cooler. 

And that's it.
A lot of things happened and I consider myself as a very lucky person that I get to do such things.

I hope you enjoy posts like this.

Thank you for reading! :)

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. I love to read about people's encounters with my city. So happy that you enjoyed this lil town so much. ;-) and yes-Jim roccs!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I love Berlin a bit too much, haha! Can't wait to be back soon.
      Jim is fantastic and I'm glad you think so too. :) x


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