Album Review: 'Firstage' by Stage Republic

 Artist: Stage Republic
Title: Firstage
Genre: Alternative, Pop
Label: Adventuring - Zwaardmusic
Release: 1st July 2014
hits rating: 7.5/10

Hey guys,

Holidays are over! I spent this week off very wisely and had the best time, but I'll tell you about everything I did in another post.

Starting work again can be a bit overwhelming (100 emails to go through isn't the easiest thing to do indeed) but if there's good music to play it's a lot more bearable.
Thankfully my job is it to listen to music and review it.

Stage Republic, an alternative project from Amsterdam, Netherlands, sent me 'Firstage', the record I'm going to talk about today.
The main man behind Stage Republich is Corjan de Raaf. You could classify the music as alternative pop with 80s influenced elements.
With influences stretching from Duran Duran to Phil Collins the alternative pop sounds combines a lot of genres such as disco, rock and dance.

Now let's listen to 'Firstage' together!

1) Last Side
2) Hollywood
3) All The Way
4) The Way To Heaven
5) Falling Angel
6) Running From The Game
7) All Out
8) Online Outlaw
9) Camera Girl
10) Pokerface
11) How The West Was Won

 Opener 'Last Side' is an up tempo track; synths and vocals work well together and create a summery atmosphere.
'Hollywood' gets a lot more mysterious and a lot more rocky but the 80s inspired synth sound is still very present and helps the track to stay lively and not become any monotonous.

My personal favourite is probably 'All Out' for its absolutely motivating lyrics. The song is about not giving up and fighting for your dreams in life. The words "I'm gonna change my life around, I'll climb the mountain upside down, refuse to think it's hard" really got me and as some of you know, perfectly fit my way of thinking.

'How The West Was Won' even marches into the americana, folk, country-ish direction. A song with a lot of effects, a lot of grip and more guitar work.

To sum it up: The variety of the album is wide enough to impress but still sticks to one side to not confuse you. A lot of the songs make perfect summer tracks due to their fresh sound.

You should listen to these tracks: All Out, Hollywood, All The Way

Stage Republic online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork & Video: Stage Republic


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