Video Of The Day: 'Other Lives' by Florida Room

Hey guys,

It seems like a lot of you are enjoying those 'Song Of The Day' and 'Video Of The Day' features.
And I really enjoy writing them, so I think those are good conditions to keep a certain feature going, right?

Our video of the day is by a band called Florida Room.
The quartet from East London, UK formed about two years ago and has established a steady growing fan base due to their great indie sound.

Florida Room consist of:
Frazer Twyman
Jelle Ijsbrandy
Martin Moore
Michael Perera

The guys filmed the video themselves and did a really good job!
The black and white gives it more depth and more perspective. The live performance elements paired with some behind the scenes shots (from band practise probably) and the infamous straight into camera performance are put together so well.
Fun to watch!

But let's also talk about the song; 'Other Lives' is an incredibly infectious tune. The upbeat tempo invites you to move and have a good time. Catchy guitar riffs, expressive vocals, a great rhythm line consisting of bass and drums create a forward marching sound you just can't escape from.
(I mean ... you really don't want to escape though.)

Have a listen yourself!

Florida Room online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photograph & Video: Florida Room


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