Monthly Review: July 2014

Hey guys,

Another month is over. I feel like the older you get, the faster time passes by. Is that even possible?
Three days ago HITS already turned 2,5 years old - crazy.

July was the first month of the year where I took some time off and did not write new posts for about 8 days. It was lovely to have a little break but it's even more lovely to be back and write like a mad hatter.

Nonetheless July was filled with a few things such as designing the new logo. The drawing stayed the same but the font changed and I think HITS looks a lot fresher now. 

Let's talk about what else we did this month!

Artists featured on house in the sand:
Sound Of The Sirens

What I enjoyed doing for house in the sand:
- writing some cheesy thank you words
- sharing more Berlin love with you

Blogs I loved:
Have I told you about A Beautiful Mess yet? (oh the irony)
I have been a bit too busy to read a lot of blogs, but I'll give you a bigger list next month!

Items that made me happy:
- my camera (Canon EOS 70D)
- Sherlock DVDs (how good is this series?!)
- demo CDs

- of course, spending time in Berlin
(once again - thanks to all the wonderful people I've been with!)
- +100 000 page views within this month - WHAT?!

What I learned:
- it is possible to fall in love with a city
- you should never underestimate yourself

Songs I loved:
'Salvation' by Gabrielle Aplin
'If You're Really Mine' by Liam McClair
'Playing God' by Paramore
'Vultures' by John Mayer

Comment of the month:
"I love to read about people's encounters with my city. So happy that you enjoyed this lil town so much. ;-) and yes-Jim rocks!" -  Comment by Sabine on "Oh Berlin"

Photograph of the month:

What I'm looking forward to in August:
- working on two interesting projects
- photographing gigs
- probably the whole month :)

Thank you for reading!
And for being amazing! :)

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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