HITS exclusive: "Anne Next Door" by Thorge

Hey guys,

The wait is over!
The exclusive acoustic sessions are back, they even have a new intro which I'm really excited for you to see.

Earlier this month I went to Berlin again and of course every Berlin trip is linked with work for house in the sand. This time my friend Seija set up a meeting with musician of the day, Thorge.

Thorge is a singer/songwriter living in Berlin, Germany.
He uses the simple but still very effective acoustic sound to write songs; guitar and vocals - the perfect combination. Thorge is influenced by artists such as Ben Howard.

His song 'Anne Next Door' is the one he's most proud of.
A beautiful laid back track lead by clever guitar arrangements, passionate and honest lyrics and expressive (and impressive!) lyrics.

And guess what? The talented Thorge played this song for you in an exclusive acoustic session.
The video was filmed near the Spree at Hackescher Markt (Berlin) which probably is one of my favourite spots in B-town.

I hope you enjoy!

Thorge online: Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading and watching!

P.s.: You can check out the German version here.

Credits // Text & Videography: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photograph: Seija - The Northern South


  1. Well done, Thorge & Vanessa! :)
    I was wondering if Seija posted the video, too, but her homepage doesn't seem to work right now, does it?

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for your feedback! I actually did but my blog is deleted because of personal problems and reasons. I am sorry. :(

      Greetings, Seija

    2. Thanks a lot André, glad you enjoyed it! :)
      Thanks Seija for clarifying - it's all good. Personal life comes first! xx


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