Song Of The Day: 'Salvation' by Gabrielle Aplin

Hey guys,

Do you guys have that artist you just can't get bored of? You know, a voice you can hear whenever, an album you don't think you'll ever grow tired of?
I'm sure some of you do.

And of course, since I'm writing this intro, I do, too.

Last year around this time I was introduced to Gabrielle Aplin, a singer/songwriter from Bath, UK. I instantly bought her debut album 'English Rain' and even after a year of listening to it, I still find new bits to treasure.

Gabrielle made herself a name by uploading videos on YouTube of her covering songs like 'My Heart' by Paramore or 'The Liar and The Lighter' by You Me At Six.
She didn't mean to upload covers though, it was a friend who told her to upload some music and see what happens.
So far 'Gabby' has played at tons of festivals, supported John Mayer on tour and sold quite a few copies of her record and the EPs.

'Salvation' is one of these tracks I've loved from the beginning and still enjoy listening to. I prefer to listen to it while sitting somewhere near the window when it's raining with my headphones on and the song blasting really loud.
(Please never blast music too loud though, your ears will thank you, no matter how good the music is. Beware of your aging process, you still want to hear the music once you're older!)

It's a beautiful ballad which combines every element you could ask for; soft vocals that vary from high to low, an emotional and touching piano based melody, some springles of string sounds during an instrumental and (most importantly) expressive and honest lyrics.

I hope you're going to listen to the tune now.

Gabrielle Aplin online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Thank you for reading! :)

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Video & Photography: Gabrielle Aplin (taken from her official YouTube & Facebook-Page)


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