Song Of The Day: 'Satellites' by Alex Stockley

Hey guys,

a friend of mine once called me "a real champion for new music" and in danger of sounding like a total brag ... I sometimes feel like a champion for new music, because 90% of the time the music finds me.

There are these incredible artists who contact me and whenever I find something I honestly love, I feel like a champion because I can share it with you guys here.

Alex Stockley, the artist behind today's song of the day, is a twenty year old musician from beautiful London, UK. His sound is influenced by other Brits such as Tom Odell and Ed Sheeran and musicians from the other side of the pond - Bruno Mars for example. So you could classify him as a pop singer/songwriter.

'Satellites' starts off as a calm piano ballad and actually stays a piano ballad, it just gets more grip and intensity.
In the beginning the atmosphere seems really vulnerable; soothing piano chords, soft vocals, calm percussions, a lot of emotions.
The song slowly but surely builds up by the added choir like backings, a sobbing e-guitar every now and then, stronger vocals. The instrumentation takes the lead for a few moments and even sounds like a little orchestra.
 A 10/10 stars song. 

His debut EP 'Never Gone Far' will be released this August. I already got to listen to it and let me tell you - you have a lot of reasons to look forward to it.

But for now - enjoy 'Satellites'. 

Get 'Satellites' on iTunes by clicking the picture.
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Alex Stockley online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photograph: Alex Stockley


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