Album Review: "Golden Road" by Laney Jones

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The last few weeks were rock'n'roll for me. In every way. Especially the music I surrounded myself with was rock. And yeah, I probably would say that rock is my favourite genre, nonetheless I love the variety the music scene offers.
After some energetic weeks it feels quite nice to put some calmer tunes into the CD player and just get a different atmosphere going.

That's why today I'm reviewing Laney Jones' record "Golden Road".

Artist: Laney Jones
Title: Golden Road
Genre: Folk, Country
Label: Independent
Release: 12th July 2013
hits rating: 8/10

Laney Jones is a singer/songwriter from Florida, USA. Her contantly being on the road and gigging her way along the East Coast has gotten herself a good name. Live performances seem to be her thing and so it's no miracle she supported Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw and other country artists.

With her debut "Golden Road" Miss Jones shows what she has to offer.

1) Broken Hearts
2) Devil Down
3) Black Coffee
4) Child Of The Beast
5) Rise No More
6) Pour Out The Whiskey
7) Rock-a-Bye Sea
8) Nothing At All
9) Shallow Pockets
10) Livin' For Today

"Broken Hearts" is the song which welcomes you on the record. It's a calm folky tune, the country elements are present but keep quiet most of the time.
"Devil Down" can easily be entitled as one of the highlights the album offers; the americana/country sound works oh so well with Laney's warm and slightly jazzy vocals. The howling harmonica gives the song more edges and even gets a little duet with the e-guitar. Fantastic tune!

"Rise No More" gets a bit more mysterious, more atmospheric. The up beat rhythm keeps the song busy but not too crowded. It's swinging, moveable and catchy.

Laney's voice is warm, expressive and strong. It definitely suits the country direction. She sings the songs in such honest and genuine manner that you can't help but feel the emotions she felt while writing the songs.

To sum it up: Even though Laney Jones has her very own style and sticks with it throughout the entire album, she still manages to keep the variety wide and interesting. Her voice and the clever instrumentations make every song worth listen to.

You should listen to these tracks: Devil Down, Rise No More, Livin' For Today

Laney Jones online:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Laney Jones


  1. Hope you don't mind the late comment. I read this review a week ago, but I've only begun listening to Laney Jones' songs properly yesterday. And what I've got to say is, WOW! I'm totally in love with her voice :-) Very expressive, clear and emotional. Her warm, jazzy vocals fit in so nicely to her country/Americana songs.
    You summed her up quite nicely. An "honest and genuine" singer, with every song worth listening to. Ms.Jones is definitely one of my favourite singer/songwriter now :-)

    1. Of course I do not mind any comment ever!!! I'm really glad to read those lines you wrote. First of all it's amazing to hear that house in the sand could make you find a new favourite. Laney is absolutely brilliant! :) x


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