Album Review: "Hozier" by Hozier


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A little while ago Sony sent me the "Wish I Was Here" Soundtrack and I reviewed it. One of the songs soaked me in so much that I just had to find out more about the artist behind it.

It was "Cherry Wine" by Hozier. Luck was on my side and Hozier just released his debut album.

 Artist: Hozier
Title: Hozier
Genre: Folk-Rock, Soul
Label: Rubyworks/Island // Universal
Release: 3rd October 2014
hits rating: 9.5/10

Andrew Hozier-Byrne is singer/songwriter from Ireland.
He's been part of the choir AnĂșna for a while and started his solo career in 2012. His debut single "Take Me To Church" did very well, not only in Ireland but also around the world. The anti-gay critical music video caused a lot of attention on the internet.
His first EP, also titled as "Take Me To Chruch" contains four songs which you'll also find on his debut record, "Hozier".

1. Take Me To Church
2. Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene
3. Jackie And Wilson
4. Someone New
5. To Be Alone
6. From Eden
7. In A Week (feat. Karen Cowley)
8. Sedated
9. Work Song
10. Like Real People Do
11. It Will Come Back
12. Foreigner's God
13. Cherry Wine (live)

Opener "Take Me To Church" seems to be everywhere at the moment. Well deserved, though!
The song convinces with incredible lyrics consisting of a few metaphors and critical words. You can find some amazing interpretations online, make sure to look them up. Those lyrics deserve an award.

Not only does Hozier write fantastic lyrics, he also knows how to compose a song in such original ways. Follow-up "Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene" gets groovy and makes you want to dance. It seems Hozier likes using multi-layered choruses and raw guitar riffs combined with folky beats.

What really stands out is his warm and powerful voice. Hozier is that kind of guy who could make the phone book interesting by singing all words. "Work Song" presents his vocals in all facets - from his "normal", rather deep voice to higher notes and calming yet expressive vocals.

To sum it up: I had a really tough time putting Hozier into a genre. Fact is - you can't. He could be classified as folk-rock but there are so many other elements such as blues and even gospel. A fantastic singer, an even better songwriter and a genius of a composer.
He's up for a bright career and we're in for a treat!

You should listen to these tracks: Take Me To Church, Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene, It Will Come Back

 Hozier online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Hozier Press Kit


  1. Hozier's new album is incredible, absolutely obsessed with his voice. If you haven't seen him live, its a must! Blown away by his SNL performance.

    1. He is such an incredible artist, isn't he? Sadly he's touring nowhere near me but I'll try my best to see him live. You're right, that performance is spot on!! Thanks for taking time to write. :)


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