Song Of The Day: "Taped Off The Radio" by The Ragamuffins


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I have to admit, I really enjoy the "Song Of The Day" features; they are fun to write, they don't require loads of research and they spread the word about one good tune at a time.

Today's song of the day is "Taped Off The Radio" by The Ragamuffin, a six piece band from Liverpool, England. Founded in 2007 the band has been around for quite a while and has established a loyal fanbase as well as their very own indie-pop sound.

The Ragamuffins are: 
David John Jaggs (vocals, guitar)
Sam Parry (keyboards, piano, baritone saxophone, backing vocals)
Florin Ciurarin (trumpet, flugel horn, backing vocals)
Xavier Winton (drums, percussions, trumpet)
Ed Feery (trombone, backing vocals)
Alex Pearson (bass)

 "Taped Off The Radio" starts off as a rather calm and slightly groovy tune. The band's signature sound is very present yet there's still something new about the song.

The Ragamuffins know how to turn build up a song from a calm one to a hell of a groovy and catchy one. Vocals and the backings are on point, especially during the chorus.
A super catchy guitar riff burns itself into your brain, the bassline controls your movements and the wind instruments make you boogie. As usual the band's lyric game is strong.
This song is so good - it's addictive!

The Ragamuffins online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: The Ragamuffins


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