A post from the heart

 Hey guys!

A while ago I was told something I never expected to hear from a blog reader. An absolutely wonderful guy messaged me saying some of my old posts have helped him to gain more confidence and more motivation for what he wants to do.

His message touched me so much and really made me think a lot. I realized I haven't written a blogpost directly from the heart for a while. Don't get me wrong, I love every single post on here and always try to give my best.
But you know ... I kind of kept the ones you could entitle as "cheesy" for my Facebook/Twitter posts.

I think being able to inspire people to believe in themselves is the most incredible thing I could do on here, so if this post helps just one of you - my mission is accompolished.

I'd like to talk about doing what you love as a job. This is quite a complicated topic as there are so many interpretations for it.
But the main thing I want to talk about is being brave enough to do what YOU love and not what others expect you to do.

Do you remember your first day of school? You probably were quite ambitious to learn everything it takes to become a fire fighter, a vet, maybe a teacher. You probably had a typical childhood dream job in mind, but YOU got it into YOUR mind. Nobody else did.
For example - I wanted to be a private detective because I once saw a really cool guy on TV who did exactly that job.

Over the years interests change - and that's absolutely okay. But the older we get the more things influence us and our way of thinking, our choices. The important thing is it to keep in mind what makes you happy.

When I finished school I knew I wanted to be a journalist, I just wasn't so sure which way was the right one to approach it. So I let other people tell me what to do and ended up at a school I wasn't happy with at all. After a few months of being frustrated I decided to change things. I looked up other ways, did a lot of research and then took my final step towards the right way for me.

I am now the happiest girl when it comes to working and I can only encourage you to do what you love.
Of course I know that money is also a big part of this decision and that in life you have to do things you don't enjoy. But if there's a will - there's a way.
So believe in yourself and your skills, work on them, embrace what makes you happy and accept what doesn't - just don't torture yourself for other people.

I am lucky enough to have a mum who supports me no matter what but I know myself how family can also destroy your dreams.
And it's true - you can't choose your family, but you sure can choose your friends. 
There are so many negative people in this world who want to bring you down and don't ever want you to succeed. 

A few years ago people used to make fun of me because I only listened to "bands nobody knows or cares about". Well, now those bands are my friends and they are taking over the world, step by step.
 I finally found people with dreams similar to mine, people who are supportive and honest with me.
If there are people who support you, everything you do will be so much easier to do. Trust me!

Well, I probably just completely lost my line and just let out a lot of random stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this post nonetheless, maybe it even helped you.

Just keep in mind that there are a lot of people who believe in you. The most important one to do so is always with you - it's yourself.

Thank you for reading!
We'll be back with music writings tomorrow! ;)

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. Vanessa,

    I hope I told you more times but now I'd like to state it again: you are a very inspiring person with all your hard work you invest into this blog and how you keep fighting for your dreams. I know it's not easy to keep the contact while we are busy with our lives and we are always behind with emails - but whenever we talk and catch up, it's always good. And seeing how HITS supports musicians/bands, even if they are not that know (yet! just yet!), it's amazing too.

    Don't ever let your dreams go - but why am I saying this, you won't! :-D

    Keep working, dear :)


    1. *not that known (damn English today!)

    2. Dearest Kitti,
      It's always so good to hear from you, really never fails to make me smile! I'm absolutely touched by your words and they mean a lot to me. So thank you so much for taking time to write, I know how busy you are. The same counts for you - don't ever give up on your dreams, you've got a bright future ahead! :) xxx


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