Monthly Review: September 2014

Hey guys!

Every single time I start writing the monthly review I just freak out about how fast another month passed by.
September wasn't exactly my favourite month as it basically only consisted of tons of work and very little fun activities.
Nonetheless, here on house in the sand every month is fun, so let's reflect!

Artists featured on house in the sand:

What I enjoyed doing for house in the sand:
- filming Dan & Julian performing at a farm
- starting planning this project
- writing the very first book review

Items that made me happy:
- my new notebook (flower print, do I need to say more?)
- my guitarrr

- 500 000 page views. I mean HELLOOOO?!
- discovering Hozier, seriously!

What I learned:
- a lot (!) of journalist-y things ... (my brain still hurts)

Songs I loved: (and still love!)
- "Chemicals" by Livingston
- "Come As You Are" by Nirvana

Comment of the month:
"Absolutely love Midnight Hour and their album is brilliant!" - Comment by Anon on "Spotlight On: Midnight Hour"

Photograph of the month:

What I'm looking forward to in October:
- if I could only tell you ... too much secret stuff going on here... 

And there we have it, September is reviewed!

Thank you for spending another month on house in the sand. :)

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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