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time to get the spotlight working again and put it on: museum.

museum is a electronic indie rock band from Berlin, Germany.

That's how the guys from museum would describe them, in a very simple and minimalist way. I am very very happy and honored to give you guys a proper description of who museum are.

The band consists of:

- Tobias Hermes (vocals, computers, guitar, piano)
- Söhnke Grothusen (guitar, vocals)
- Hagen Hamm (bass)
- Florian Bolzau (drums)

image: museum website | copyright: Johanna Stapelfeld

The band started in 2005 with handmade and self written music and released their first EP called "Old Firehand". Two years later, 2007, they released "Exit Wounds", another EP.

In Spring 2012 the hardworking band could finally release their debut album called "Traces Of" which was mastered in New York.

The album ("Traces Of") contains eleven interesting, simple yet difficult songs inviting and challenging their listeners to have a good time. 

Their songs have been played over 130.000 times on the music site "" - a record for an unsigned band!

Listen to the song "Flowers and Dust" from the second EP "Exit Wounds" - here.

Or listen to the song I already heard live now:
museum - For The Very First Time:

Watch the music video here!

I saw the guys performing during the award show in Frankfurt and got so happy to finally know some great rock music from Germany. 
Only knowing great rock bands from the UK (The Arkanes, The Cape Race, ...) I almost thought that kind of rock music I like doesn't exist in Germany - but fortunately museum came along and showed me there is good rock music!

Get connected with museum:

I really hope you enjoyed this post and have now found another great band to listen to! : )

x Vanessa


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