Spotlight On: Lions and Weasels.

image: Lions and Weasels Facebook

Hey guys, 

I recently got a message on Facebook from a very inspiring guy. 
He told me about his music and I really want to share it with all of you. So let's get started with and put the spotlight on:
Lions and Weasels

What might sound like a band to you is the acoustic / folk solo project by Jake Porter from Portland, US. 

Lions and Weasels is compared to artists like Ryan Adams, Nick Drake and Jack White. The music tells stories of life's journey, which actually is leading to death sooner or later. 

The man behind Lions and Weasels, Jake Porter has gone through a tough, in my eyes horrible, period of time. 
He started making music in the 90s but had to stop for about 10 years because of a disease called 'Ankylosing Spondytilis" (short A.S.). For those of you who don't quite now what that means: your bones are fusing.
Jake couldn't walk or even hold a guitar which is why he couldn't continue making music like before.

But the disease luckily got into remission for the last three years which means Jake finally could start making music again.

Listen to Lions and Weasels:

You can download the newest song "1950" for free - here.

Lions and Weasels can be seen in Portland's coffee shops, the perfect places for talented musicians.

image: Lions and Weasels Facebook

I don't think I still have to mention it, but you guys know that one of my favourite genres would be acoustic/folk, so again - Lions and Weasels totally fit my preferences. 

And if I ever manage it to go to the States you will most definitely find me sitting in one of Portland's coffee shops and listen to Lions and Weasels. 

Make sure to connect with Lions and Weasels:

I hope you enjoyed this post. 
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x Vanessa

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