Single Release: KOBI - "All The Way"


Hey guys,

I am very very very excited to be part of the band KOBI's single release today and share it with you!

KOBI, an indie-pop band from the Scottish Highlands, is ready to impress with their single "All The Way" which just released on iTunes TODAY.

KOBI consists of:

- Gary Thain (vocals, guitar)
- Steve Robertson (bass)
- Dave Smith (drums)

"All The Way", a catchy song that basically invites you to dance, sing and have a good time.
I usually need two or three listens to get into a song because I always have multiple listens to concentrate on lyrics, beat, instrumentals, etc seperately.
During my first listen to "All The Way" I already caught myself having one of those horrible dance sessions of mine. 

But that's not only my opinion, "Highland News", "Altsounds" and many more are also TEAM KOBI.
The song is produced by none other than the Grammy Award winner Steve Orchard (who worked with Travis, Paul McCartney, ...).

Watch the music video right now:

You can be part of the release party, too. 
How? Download the song, blast it and be happy.
Oh and don't forget to watch "All The Way" go all the way to the top of the charts. ;)


A massive thanks to Steve for sending me this amazing tune!

Find KOBI online:

Are you singing along yet?

x Vanessa


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