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Hey guys,

those of you who read my last post already know what's coming up now - a new section.

Since more and more musicians are willing to work with me and are also asking me to work with them I decided it was time for a new section. 
The "Spotlight On:" posts will still be a big part of HITS but there's this new section that actually does the same thing as the "Spotlight On:"s, it's here to introduce musicians.
But it's a bit different: instead of only me writing about the artist/band, it's them introducing themselves on "Get To Know:" 
I asked them simple and basic question, not like in an interview (definitely not!), just like on the first day of school where you have to introduce themselves.

Let's kick this section of with: Richie Ashwin. I'll be quiet now and let Richie do his part. Enjoy!

Who are you?

My name is Richie Ashwin and I'm from Surrey, and I am a singer songwriter. I produce my own tracks, and have a strong interest shooting, and editing videos to compliment my music. I also have a BA Honours degree in Music, plus a National Diploma.

How would you describe your music?

I would simply call my sound "Ambient".
I'm not too sure who my music would appeal to directly, but I would imagine it would be those who have a fragile heart. I intend to break away from the traditional Rap, and Hip Hop music, not that I don't enjoy those genres, but as an artist I'm far from those groups. Instead, I would like to be heard differently to the stereotypical culture. My beats are ambient and moody, however my voice isn't trained to a professional level, I believe it works well with what the sounds I produce. 
What makes it special are the influences throughout my life, the experimental urban beats mixed with dejected lyrics. Plus how I can write unhappy situations and express this over the top of an upbeat vibe, and vice versa. 
Other than singing, I also Rap which is delivered slow and lethargic. I like everything I create to be felt emotionally, like watching an emotional scene in a movie. 

 What does music mean to you? 

Music is my life, it's sound that pleases and nurtures my emotions. Day to day I listen to noise which I try to recreate within my musical genre. Like I mentioned before, ambience is my sound, within this sound I provide noises which reflect the word 'ambient'. 
Music to me is much more than a hobby but more of the getaway from society, whenever I feel empty I am comforted with music. It helps me grow, it means I am alive, but without it I feel as good as dead. 

 Is there a reason you why you started to make music?

I haven't had a bad upbringing, however it wasn't perfect. Things have happened which I have witnessed, and painfully been through but then music allows me to deal with my own emotions. There's no right or wrong answer to the production of my material, I don't live up to expectations, it's the release of tension which I am eager to deliver. 

What have you released so far? What have you coming up?

The EP is near complete but expect to hear about women, confusion, drugs, and love. Over the past 4 years I feel as though I've been under construction, writing about things I've been through and witnessed first hand. The EP is in between the genres of Hip Hop, and R&B, but at a relaxed tempo.

Now it's time for me to write again.
First of all - I really enjoyed kicking off this section with an artistic and inspiring musician like Richie.

Also I really suggestion watching Richie's music video for his song "Hold Your Breath"

After you have listened to "Hold Your Breath" you'll understand why I really wanted to have Richie Ashwin on my blog - this song is about watching a person suffering and trying to ease the pain by distract themself with things that won't ever heal anything and knowing you could help them, knowing you could make the pain go away.
I sadly have seen people suffering but couldn't do a thing because they wouldn't let anyone help them. 

Not only the lyrics is brilliant but also Richie's voice and rap skills

More Richie here:

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