Spotlight On: Douglas Dare.

image: Douglas Dare Facebook | Sandra Autukaite 

Hey guys,

I'm happy to introduce you another very talented musician today. 

As you can read in the title, his name is Douglas Dare. He is an independent musician from London, UK and plays Indie/Alternative music based on piano melodies.

Douglas started playing the piano at a very young age. (so young he actually can't even remember it.) 

Ironically his Mum is a piano teacher but he never took any lessons. (I can totally understand it ... I mean, who wouldn't find it strange to call his Mum "Miss (your last name)" ?)

Influenced by artists and bands like Neil Young and Radiohead, Douglas started writing his own songs at the age of 18. 

So far he released a song called "London's Rose",
listen to it now:

Listen to his songs here:

To listen to more songs, visit his soundcloud page, link is following.

At the end of this summer Douglas will be releasing his debut EP.

You can catch Douglas playing live on his own or with a band, it really depends on what gig he is playing. 

image: Douglas Dare Facebook

I have to be honest that most of the music I listen to isn't that piano based. So listening to Douglas was different but I instantly fell for his music
His other song "Sticks and Stones" also got my attention, not only because of the catchy chords but also of his voice. 

While getting the details for this post, Douglas told me something about his way of writing, I think it's well said, so I decided to share it with you:

"When I write a song I always want it to work as a solo piece of work, the lyrics, the melody have to be strong without any embellishments."

I completely believe in Douglas and his talent. He'll go his way and will find a place in the music industry! 

Now here are the links that will make you connect with Douglas:

I hope you enjoyed this post and now go and listen to him! ;)

x Vanessa

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