50 (random) facts about me. Part 2.

Hey guys,

it's time for part 2 of the "50 (random) facts about me" tag.
People, I had such a hard time getting those facts done, it's unbelievable.
I desperately asked my Twitter followers to help me out, thank you, ladies!

Anyways, if you haven't read part 1 - there you go.

26.) I love room decor.
27.) I also have a (strange) love for bird cages.
28.) The time I spend on Tumblr is scary considering the fact I barely post anything.
29.) I get most of the ideas for this blog when I'm spending time with my horse.
31.) I prefer white chocolate over everything else.
32.) Sending people hate is one thing I'd never do.
33.) You can currently find 17 candles in my room. (this girl is on fireeeee)
35.) In my opinion pointing out other people's flaws is the clearest way to show weakness.
36.) Flowers make me happy.
38.) I absolutely love the movie "Les Enfants de Monsieur Mathieu". (It's a French movie, obviously.)
39.) My favourite Youtuber are Zoella, Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) and Daaruum.
40.) I hated and sucked at writing essays in grammar school. Now I'm on my way of becoming a journalist. 
41.) My favourite starbucks drink is the Vanilla Latte.
43.) My favourite posts to write for HITS are the "Spotlight On:" posts.
44.) Once I almost forgot my concert ticket at home before going on a 3 hours car ride to the show.
46.) Lisa from "memories don't fade away" says about me: You are a really positive person with a great taste in music, you are creative and always really nice.
47.) My favourite/lucky number is 47. (OH HI THERE)
48.) I love writing people all over the world and sending them letters. Thank you @BooyahForBruno for sending me this fact about me.
49.) I'm a perfectionist. Well found out, Seija from "ifsoever".
50.) I adore Betty White.

Thank you for reading part 2. I hope those facts were interesting. 

x Vanessa

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  1. well done! :)) love to read your random facts and find myself in it!



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